Nov 12 2007

Saturday Night.

So… The performance went really well! Thanks to my husband, who put the song (Danny Diamond by The Squirrel Nut Zippers) on his mp3 player and lent it to me, and to James Brown whose fine, soothing tones were also on there, I managed to calm down by about 45 minutes before I went on. Seriously- James Brown was the medicine I needed. About 10 minutes before I went on, I turned to my instructor, who just happened to be standing there, and said “I just really need to learn to not take myself so goddamn seriously.” She said “Yeah. You do.” And it’s the truth.

So I went out there and shook my stuff. I got no whistles or other encouragement that I could hear during the performance, but the applause started before the song was totally finished and (as my Mom tells it!) was the loudest of the night (to that point). All I remember was thinking “what’s that roaring sound?” only to realize that it was applause just as I was leaving the stage. I didn’t really take my chance to bathe in it. Oh well.

There were some AWESOME performances by other women. One kept a grin of fantastic joy on my face the ENTIRE time she danced. I am still so proud of her. For each of us it was the first time we’d chanced a solo outside of class and she fucking ROCKED it. It was a beautiful thing. The fact that she’s hot didn’t hurt!

It was a pretty good experience, overall, and I’m letting it carry me as much as possible through today. I’m feeling hit from a few sides today and I’m desperately trying to keep the mope-ies and jealous-green-meanies away. With limited success.

I wish I could show you pictures, but my mother didn’t tell me she had forgotten her camera until after my performance when the fact that I had a camera mere feet away became a totally moot point. I’m hoping that maybe someone else took pictures and might share them with me. I also am pretty sure that there will be a video which I may or may not be able to share (or want to!).

Actually, I lied a little. I do have this picture of after, but you can’t really see my costume, only my cover-up wrap.

I post this despite potentially incurring the wrath of my sister who, in her defense, was totally trashed after a night of doing shots. She usually looks much better than I do. Take a moment to notice how different we are, even though we are full sisters. Now try to figure out why people have asked us if we are twins or mistaken us for each other more times than I can count. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway… now, as a FULLY PROFESSIONAL belly dancer, all that remains is for me to find a troupe to perform with. Because a single successful performance makes me Ready, right? So give me a call! I will promise to do my best to keep my neurosis in check, I swear.

Why are you laughing? Stop that! Stop right this instant!!