Nov 14 2007

No really- LOTS of OCD to go around!

I’m still not sure about the shingles. I can’t see that part of my back and so I must rely on a certain male person to tell me what it looks like.

“A.. A.. A.. ROBOTCHA! Ee go rrroooaaarrr! Ike DAT!”

Oh wait- that was Cole telling us about the robots on his shirt today. John sounds more like this: “Uhh… it’s kinda red… Maybe broken blood vessels? It looks kinda better than before. I’m not sure. I guess we just have to wait.”


Anyway, not sure. The end.

(Or is it….? WoooOOoooOooooo)

Consequently, I am on a crafting bender. I am knitting a hat, investigating “felting” (which, in my sick little head, sounds like a really dirty term), and getting ready to start a massive crochet project. We have no money for christmas presents? LET’S KNIT!!!

I hope our friends are into handmade. Maybe I should start an Etsy store

(How do you NOT love Etsy?)

Any requests?

Nov 14 2007

I just realized today that I have been at this job as long as I have been at any other job. If I continue the way I’ve been going I will soon be at this job for far longer than I’ve ever held any other job. It’s a strange thing, because I’ve always gotten to this point in other jobs and started to feel very restless and in need of a change. This job, however, I can see myself doing for… well, a long time more. It may only be 5 years, it may be another 30. I like it, I’m comfortable, I’m challenged enough to keep it interesting, I like the hours, and the pay isn’t bad. If I can’t have a job that I absolutely love and look forward to every day, I think this might be the next best.

The job I still want the most is “Stay-At-Home-Mom,” but that’s not going to happen. Neither is being paid to stay at home and garden, sew, paint, or watch movies. Compared to a lot of people, I think I have it pretty good in the job department.

How about you? Do you like your job? What’s your dream job?