Nov 20 2007

We made cookies last weekend.

Too late- I ate them all.

Nov 20 2007

Hard Core

I managed something last night that I did not actually think was possible.

I gave myself a crocheting related injury. I am a casualty of crafting.

I was playing a game with Cole where he would take my crochet hook away from me and then I would pull it out of his hands and start working again. (Yes, it was really a game and he was laughing his tiny, squooshy butt off.) The last time I took it away (because I’m not SO dumb that I can’t ever learn from my experiences), he held on just a little tighter and I managed to hook a huge chunk of flesh right out of my thumb.


It still hurts and I don’t have anyone to kiss my boo-boo.

Nov 20 2007


This morning, in the car, on our way to daycare:

(Cole is in backseat playing with his Lightening McQueen and Mater cars.)
Cole: McQueen goes CRASH! (Crashing cars together.)
Me: McQueen crashed?
Cole: No, McQueen! No hitting! Not nice!

I’m glad to see that he listens once in a while.