Nov 29 2007

Mah Teef- Let Me Show You Them!

For anyone wondering about Cole’s supernumerary tooth (because I KNOW you’ve all been on the edges of your seats with anticipation!), here’s what it looks like:
You see where I have helpfully labeled the 1 and 2 on the left side of his face which take the same space as the 1 on the right side. Having two teeth where only one should be is pushing his front tooth off just a bit, but that seems to be the only problem so far (though we’ve wondered if some of his more recent crankiness has been about constant tooth-related headaches- I think I would be getting them if I had an extra tooth!).

The extra tooth makes his smile just a little more goofy than it would be otherwise (the poor kid got my hugely out of proportion two front teeth), but I still can’t help feeling that he’s one of the most gorgeous kids ever (these pictures, really- all pictures, do not do him justice. Until you see him in real life you have no idea what levels of perfect adorableness this boy can achieve).

Nov 29 2007

So Different, So Much the Same

Cole and my mom, taken in about February or March of 2006:Cole and my mom, taken about a week ago:

So much bigger, so much more interested and interesting, so much still my little baby.