Nov 30 2007

Thank you, StumbleUpon.

For making my day.

Nov 30 2007

Guess What!

I DID IT! I just went back and counted and I have 30 posts for November! Of course, I OFFICIALLY failed because I didn’t post every day, but I have decided that I win because I made up for every day that I didn’t have internet access by posting more on days that I did. I WIN! YIPPEE!!

Nov 30 2007

I’m Freaking Out.

Cole is going to my parents’ house tonight so that John and I can go out (for the first time in about 6 months… or more) with friends.

He’ll be spending the night.

The whole night.

MY BAAAAAYYY-BEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are not a parent I do not expect you to begin to understand. If you are, I think you know what I mean.


I’m sure they’ll have a great time. *sniff*

Nov 30 2007

…I probably think this post is about me…

I’ve been thinking a lot about my hair lately because I am vain concerned about my professional appearance vain.

Most of my life I have had long hair. There have been a few times when I’ve gone nuts and hacked it off. Most of those crazy times have been HUGE mistakes, but I actually liked what happened last time. I grew my hair out again because I got pregnant and didn’t have much money or a reliable hair stylist and it would have taken very frequent haircuts to keep it looking right. So now I’m back to long hair.

My hair- it is strange. Half is super curly, half is straight. It’s mostly pretty soft, but has some wiry stuff running through (thanks, DAD). It’s relatively healthy because I do next to nothing with it. My normal daily routine: Get it wet in the shower, no shampoo, comb out tangles, twist up and clamp with claw-thingy. My super-duper, all stops pulled every other day routine: Shampoo, conditioner, comb out tangles, twist up and clamp.

That’s it. No blow-drying, no hair gunk, no real styling. It stays up all day until I let it out at night (still wet!) and stick it into a braid for sleeping.

And, generally, it’s pretty enough. The curls are natural and look nice until they frizz (it’s inevitable). The color is nice with natural auburn/copper highlights. It stays up well, it styles well (on the special occasions where I do anything at all), it looks appropriate with my belly dance costume, it’s pretty versatile.

But I’m entering into one of those crazy obsessive times. I can feel it. My hair is in danger.

Here’s where you come in: Should I cut it? If so, how should I cut it? Here are a few (all very similar, I now realize) examples of what I’ve been thinking about:

I think this is adorable:

But I’ve had this cut before:

(Terrible picture, I know, but you can see the hair. Kind of.)

(A little longer)

I took her picture in as my example:

I’m thinking that something a little more like Maggie’s hair here might be my speed this time:
Maybe combined with Natalie’s bangs, or something kind of like them:

Or Allison’s. I think they’ve done really fun things with her hair on Smallville, afterall.

And then I could do something kind of like this:Of course, I’ve more-or-less had this hair before, too. Though it was “I’m growing it out” hair and not actually cut to be this way, which could make a big difference.

(Another terrible picture- where are these coming from? Oh right- I’m UTTERLY un-photogenic.)

If you’re going to weigh in on this one (and please, PLEASE do- I OBVIOUSLY NEED SERIOUS HELP!) please realize that I’m a lazy-ass. I hate styling my hair which is why having it long generally works for me. I do not own a single hair-styling implement. But I am also bored and feel a little frumpy with what feels like a mat of awful hair that I regularly do absolutely nothing with.

So… What do you think?