Dec 03 2007

But you already knew I was a masochist.

This Saturday is my company’s End of the Year party (as we covered last year all too extensively

…uh, sorry. I just realized that I sliced open the tip of my right pointer finger somehow and was bleeding all over everything. Delicious.

ANYWAY… What was I saying? Oh yes- that we can’t call it a christmas party because we piss off the JWs.)

I had been stressing over what to wear and really not enjoying the idea of anything I had but not having the money to go out and get something new. I was whining about my horrible predicament to my friend (and costumer), the ever lovely Thalisha, when she invited me over to her house to rummage through vintage patterns (maybe just to shut me the hell up).

WELL! Six hours and a lot of her patience later (and she didn’t even get handsy while she was fitting it!), and I have a custom-fitted pattern for a 50′s dress that I think will look gorgeous when it’s finished. Best of all, I already own the material I want to make it out of AND I am paying her for her unbelievably helpful time in massage. Which is a double bonus for me because I get to spend even more time with her that way.

So I will be sewing every night (mostly after Cole goes to sleep) for the rest of the week. I may not get any sleep before this party, but goddamit- I’m gonna look good!

I’ll take pictures.