Dec 11 2007

Just One More!

Me and John at the Party:

MUCH better than last year…

Dec 11 2007

The party outfit that went with the new hair

These are the shoes.

I just can’t even begin to explain how much cuter they are in real life. The patent leather is really smooth (a pet-peeve of mine is wrinkly or wavy patent), the soles are leather, the insides are COMFY. I wore them all night and I think my walk back to the hotel room was more hindered by the copious amounts of wine and gin&tonics; I consumed than discomfort from the shoes. That’s shoe success, people.

I also loved the rest of my outfit. I had on long, flowy black pants, a b&w;, polka-dot, low-v neck blouse from BCBG (though my mom bought it for me at TJMaxx!), and sparkly, black necklace, bracelet, and earrings that I got at 70% off. It was a night of glamor and good deals! I was comfortable, appropriate, and felt kinda hott- a great combination.

Dec 11 2007


Yes. I did it. I cut off my hair.

As a reference, here is my hair a couple of weekends ago:What is with ALL THIS HAIR?!

And here is from my company party last Saturday:

Ok, I know it’s dark (still LOVE that picture though!). Here’s from this morning:

I think it looks a lot better in person, though I clearly still don’t really know what to do with it. My new hair and me; we haven’t quite hit our stride yet. But I like it. A lot. And I know we’ll be best friends.

(Me and the stylist, too. She was awesome!)

And I think it shaved a good 5 minutes off of my shower this morning!