Dec 13 2007

Heh heh- OOOPS!

Ummmm… I drank this wine (the first one). Without knowing how much it was (it was from my company party- they hand out free wine from our customers’ wineries to each guest). While we were already drunk. And we thought it was only kind of okay.

I feel like kind of an ass and, at the same time, I’m glad that I didn’t know because it certainly dispelled the whole Emperor’s New Clothes thing that may have happened had I realized.

We actually drank another bottle of something before this (which we thought was even worse) and I SO wish that I could remember the name so I could see how much THAT one was…

Dec 13 2007



Now we CAN afford to have another one!!

Dec 13 2007


My (I thought long-lost until recently!) friend Whitney is an adjunct English professor up in Washington. She recently had to endure grading masses of portfolios (as I understand it). She wrote down and emailed me a few of the gems, a couple of which I thought I’d share with you:

If we want people to not eat eachother, we should
give them food.
Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End was long and
filled to the brim with plot threads. Nevertheless I
liked it. I could have liked it more though.

Those plot threads are pesky little fuckers, aren’t they? Give me a good p0rn0 anyday!

And people are worried about the future of this country…

Dec 13 2007

A Diversion.

So, I told you all that I was knitting a hat for Cole, right? Did I say I finished it? It was done WEEKS ago. Did I show you a picture? I don’t think so… until now!


And I in my kerchief and Ma in her cap…

I’m pretty proud of it, particularly because it was my first successful attempt at knitting in the round (I tried before in elementary school with less than positive results and had been too scarred to try again until now). And it was fun! I may make some more next year!

And, finally, we have the first of many to come: a Christmas ornament made by Cole!

I love it and will cherish it forever.

(Oh- something funny/odd: My daycare provider gave me a “lucky money tree” two nights ago. It’s a really lovely bamboo in a pretty, asian-inspired vase. As I was driving it home, it tipped over. I rushed the rest of the way home and (after parking, of course) dove into the back to see how much water had spilled. It was a good bit, BUT I just happened to have a bowl back there and, when the vase tipped, the water had spilled almost ENTIRELY into the bowl. What luck! THEN, last night when I picked up Cole I was handed his workbook from that day. He was still playing around so I looked at it. I read every page, including the back cover, where I came across a sentence that said “If you read this by 12/14 I owe you $20.” I whipped my head up to find her husband standing there, holding out a $20 bill! SWEET! If only I could ALWAYS get paid for reading everything- I do it anyway! She told me that they had made bets with each other on which parents would read it, and that the two they guessed would (I was one) had and no one else (so far). I felt kind of bad taking the money until I remembered how much I pay them. Actually, they deserve it and I still feel kind of guilty. I guess it just means that I will have $20 more to spend on their christmas gift. But yeah- the “lucky money tree” wasn’t lying!)

Dec 13 2007


Keep Bossy’s lovely daughter in your thoughts today…

I have very strong opinions about dogs with histories of violence. Quite basically, I don’t think they should be allowed to exist- I don’t care how nice they are to the people they “know.” They are animals, and generally stupid. Things like what happened to Bossy’s daughter (and my co-worker’s son, and my mother, and COUNTLESS OTHERS) should never be allowed to happen. This is not an area where I allow sentimentality.

We have concerns about Yoko. She doesn’t have a history of biting, but she is an aggressive dog in certain circumstances (she is also a fat lump in most circumstances). But the other day she was growling at Cole when he got close to her chew-bone, so much that I held her and yelled for John to come take Cole away. I guess I still just don’t totally trust her. I have concerns about when Cole becomes a shrieking, fast-running kid and all Yoko can see is PREY. It has kept me up at night.

I love Yoko, but if my concerns ever turn from Paranoia to something more substantial, she’s outta here. She will never be one of “those dogs.” I’d kill her myself first.