Dec 21 2007

Ok- Maybe not the VERY last…

Dude- there are rum balls (are they Schwety? Yes. But it is Goooood) and home-made, spiked eggnog in building C. Come on down! Party at my cubicle after!!

Dec 21 2007

My Best Gift Is Pictured Below.

Last weekend, Cole got his first Christmas present:

He’s in LOVE, and it’s almost all he wants to do when we’re at home.

(That and watch every Pixar movie ever made about 50 Gazillion times)

He also got his second christmas present/early 3rd birthday present:

Adorable hat from Hannah and Jonah, the loves, along with one of the best holiday cards I’ve ever seen- from the hand-drawn “By Hannah” cover to the awesome list inside, it was a FANTASTIC card. And, of course, this is the first thank you they’ve gotten from us. BECAUSE I’M AWFUL. (Hi, guys! Thank you SO much!! We miss you!)

And this will probably be the last post until after Christmas, so have a great break! And a happy holiday, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Dec 21 2007

Oh Dear.

I feel so unclean.