Jan 02 2008

The Time I Have Been Fearing

It has arrived.

Cole is an INCREDIBLE parrot. I am having an unbelievably hard time trying not to laugh when he comes out with things I’d rather he not say. Just a couple of current examples:

  • Screaming SHUBBUP! SHUBBUP! at me and John when we dared try to talk over a story he was listening to. (You understand what he was attempting to say, don’t you?)
  • Smacking his head and saying “Oh MAN- so DUpid!”

I honestly have no clue in the world where he picked up either of these. I’ve got to clean up my fuckin’ language.

Oh Shit, I said Fuck!

Damn, I did it again!


Uh oh.

(Seriously though- I NEVER tell him to shut up and I CERTAINLY don’t tell him he’s stupid. Where does he get this stuff?!)

Jan 02 2008

Cooking Good, Snot Bad.

Cole’s been besieged by the Snots since last weekend. I was here for the length of A Bug’s Life on Monday- just long enough to get out a draft of a document I’m finishing today and just as long as Cole is willing to sit. He was with me and, aside from hollering out warnings to the bugs in the movie, was perfectly behaved. It was great- I worked on the report on one monitor and gave the other over to his movie.

(Oh- you didn’t know I got a new computer? Yes- big, beefy, strong as hell, and two lovely monitors. I could kiss it. I really compliments my “jumping between a million different tasks in a minute” working style.)

After that I went home and pretty much stayed there for two days. AMEN!

Actually, that same day, Cole decided to take a three hour nap. I used the time to make cinnamon rolls from scratch (but, Dude, mine were so NOT that pretty!). I made 5 pans and drove 4 around to friends and family as New Year gifts. After cooking the remaining pan on Tuesday morning, I kind of wished I had given all of those people a big FUCK YOU and kept all of the rolls for myself. But, considering the amount of butter I used making them, it’s probably better that I was generous.

(But if you are one of the people I gave them to and you have leftovers? You know who to call!)

I am now starting to feel the beginnings of the illness that took over my husband, then my father, then Cole. It starts with a sore throat and continues with much kvetching, if their experiences are any indication. Sounds like fun, no? Would you like to join me?

(Don’t worry- the cinnamon rolls were made with gratuitous hand washing and no spoon licking.)

I finish with this, for Queenie: Twice-baked potatoes (don’t even bother with the bacon. Just use more sour cream. And butter.) are so delicious that they should be illegal. They are pockets of perfection, bundles of bitchin’ (the good kind). To make these delicious creatures, you first bake potatoes. Then you slice them in half and scoop out their tasty, soft innards, mash them with sour cream, milk, butter, cheese, and green onions, plop that good stuff back in the potato skins, top with more cheese, and bake those suckers again. YU-UM! They are particularly good with beef, I find. They are like baked potatoes on the best, tastiest crack ever.