Jan 10 2008


Okay- I’ll be honest. When you don’t comment, it’s me who cries.

I’m also crying because I just looked at how much it would cost to go to BlogHer this year and HELLO*! Do you know how much lawn I could get for that? Or paint? Or furniture? Or new flooring? Or mortgage? Or booze?!

It seems that my best bet for going is to try to sleep on my sister’s floor (across town) and maybe get a volunteering gig at the conference. Because, DAMN. How do people afford this shit?

Alternatively, who wants to hold an Alterna-BlogHer in San Francisco? Or my house? I’m up for it! I’ll even vacuum and clean up the dog bombs from the backyard. And with the money I’ll have saved from not attending BlogHer, I may even have GRASS back there! Because we’re CLASSY**!

Who’s in? Don’t make me cry some more!

*We’re talking $681 for the hotel and $250 for the conference! Holy Fuck!!
** Classiness not guaranteed.

Jan 10 2008

Oh Pretty Please?!?

If not for me, do it for the children. When you don’t comment, it makes babies cry. You don’t want that, do you?

But, y’know- no pressure or anything.

(Thanks to Chris for the button and the kick-off this year!)