Jan 28 2008

Quick Updates

Jury duty this morning was annoying but short. We were held for an hour before being told that both cases had been plea-bargained. Still, it’s nice to have that over with for another year.

We had snow again last night and into this morning. I get great amusement out of how freaked out people around here get with an inch of snow. Oh Gawd- we can’t drive our 4-wheel-drive SUVs anymore! We have to flip out and spin across the road! Oh No- we have to close all of the schools! Oh Jeebus- I won’t be able to walk across the parking lot to my car! Save us, Jeebus! Save us!

My shingles have, so far, been pretty effectively controlled by the medicine. There’s still a little pain, but it’s SO minor compared to what it would have been if I hadn’t gotten the prescription I wanted. We’re still on chicken-pox watch for Cole, though.

They have replaced the chocolate in the snack drawer (and, actually, all of the snacks, though the chocolate is all I cared about) with carrot sticks. They think it’s hilarious. I think it’s disgusting (on so many levels.) I am considering quitting. (Not really, but I think I would be entirely justified in doing so. Do you think I can file a complaint with Human Resources?)