Jan 31 2008

My Crafts- Let Me Show You Them

I made another hat:

He’s a raindrop! No, it’s not a Mario Brothers raccoon cap with ears like Ticknart suggested, nor is it a sock monkey hat like Wonderbaby got, but I think it’s pretty cute none-the-less. Or maybe it’s just the model.

And it’s been pretty quiet around here, so…

Hey you! Start leaving some comments once in a while! Don’t make me come get you!
Jan 31 2008

Welcome, Baby!

The Princess had her baby, a second daughter named Rosemary. Go check out brand-new baby photos!

Jan 31 2008

I Guess We Need to Really Make Sure Our House Is Childproofed

(And, jeez- I had no idea our dishwasher looked so gross. Sorry about that.)