Feb 29 2008

Garfield minus Garfield

One of my new favorite things. I don’t know what that says about me. I think I can relate to Jon a little too well…

Feb 29 2008


Did it make your heart grow fonder? I think not.

I’ve been not writing. I think about it every day, and have started new posts as often, but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish and publish anything. Part of it has been that I’ve been really very busy, part because Blogger has been bitchy about loading photos, and part because not a whole lot is happening that is newsworthy in heelsland.

The biggest part, though, is that I am the Queen of Avoidance. There are things that I want to talk about but can’t for one reason or another, and the fear of letting something slip has been paralyzing. I also feel like I’ve owed people things, and that was making me feel guilty for doing anything else. In general, the past week or so I have lived in near-constant anxiety, stress, and close to depression. But I can’t tell you about any of it! Not one word! Isn’t that fancy?!

So here- have some pictures of my lovely sister helping Cole on a climbing wall at my nephew’s birthday party last weekend. But because they won’t load here, you have to go here.

Feb 25 2008

INTERVIEW! (Like, FINALLY, right?)

Flat Art:

Why wouldn’t you use your mother as a model for some art? If you’re wanting to get back into painting, pastels, or drawing, shouldn’t you use any model who’s willing since you have your son and that hampers taking a life drawing class at the junior college?

I would (and have used) use my mother as a model. She is actually a good model, but, no matter how abstract I get, I always see my model in my art, and I don’t want it all to be her. I would take just about anyone, though- men, women, large, tiny, whatever. The only model I ever truly hated was a guy who obviously just wanted to have all the women see him naked. Seriously- he was getting… excited… as we were drawing. It was creepy.

What about still life work? (As if life with a two year-old is ever still, I know.)

Still life? Blech. It’s totally uninspiring. I also feel that people connect with images of other people in a way that they can’t with inanimate objects. Do you care about the story of a bowl of fruit? Feh- not me.

Which is your favorite medium to use and why do you think it lends itself to the style(s) that you’ve developed/enjoy using?

I love acrylics, but I can never use just them. Usually, my work is a combination of acrylics, pastels, pen, collage, crayon, and pretty much anything else that works. I like the acrylics because I think they are the least fussy of all the paints. I mean, what do you need? Paint, water, and brushes. Of course you can complicate it with other stuff, but it’s nothing like oils or watercolor. I enjoy how slapdash I can be with it. My art would never be called refined. I like for it to look rough- hence the other materials that I usually include. It’s fun. It’s like fingerpainting. I can’t be serious about it or I’d never do anything.

You told me once about an idea you had for a kids book that you would write and your mother would illustrate, if you had the time, would you be willing to do it all yourself?

Actually, I think my mom was writing and I was illustrating. I can’t write stories for shit. I can’t illustrate either, but I’ve certainly seen crappier than what I could do. The project I was more excited about was illustrating cards for a Magic-type game that John would engineer. But, like I said, I can’t illustrate.

Curved Art:

You studied some costume design and stage make-up in college, would you want to move into that sort of thing as a career if you could?

No. FLAT. OUT. NO. Doing costuming and makeup means dealing with actors and I HATE dealing with actors. There’s no group I’ve found that is more uptight and neurotic while wanting everyone to believe that they are “free spirits.”

Now- If I could do makeup by going in, applying a design to a model, and getting the eff out of there, then I would LOVE it. Unfortunately, to be able to do so professionally and make a living out of it, I’d need to live in a big city, and there’s no way I’m doing that.

Would, after Cole is older, you think about getting into the local rep theaters for costumes or make-up or is it more of a skill that you like having?

Ummm- see above re: actors. They’re certainly not all that way, just too many of them.

What are some of your favorite designs you did in college? (You can talk about Beauty and the Beast if you want, but I want to know about some others, too. Pictures are also welcome, if you had them.)

I do still really like the Beauty and the Beast design (done in Kabuki). I also really liked my Macbeth done in Dune (the first movie) inspired costume. However, Macbeth was for my final and the plates were never returned to me. I’m still pissed about that.

Which fairly well known story or fairytale or myth or legend would you want to design costumes and do make-up for? What sort of theme would you use in your design?

I think Mulan would be fun in Steam Punk.


You said you read mostly “brain candy” right now, if you had the time to read anything you wanted, what would it be? Would you read less “brain candy”?

It’s not only about time, but also about not feeling that reading books of “great importance” is really all that… important any more. It’s merely entertainment, so reading should make me happy. So no, I probably would read the same things I do now, though maybe a few more technical books about skills I’m interested in acquiring/improving.

You tend to enjoy genre fiction, movies, and TV, what is it about science fiction/fantasy/horror that draws you in? How does the more “fantastic” genre style of storytelling affect you differently than more “realistic” settings?

I don’t like horror anymore. I haven’t had the stomach for it since I had Cole. I can’t stand to see people scared or in pain (unless it’s somehow important to the plot, like in Buffy). I enjoy fantasy/sci-fi more for the same reason I don’t read”serious” books- entertainment should take me out of my world and make me feel good. My life has enough challenges/difficulties/pain without my needing to have it in my entertainment, too. Even if there are unpleasant things in those genres, I can tell myself that it just happens in THAT world, not to me. Denial? Certainly. But it’s healthier for me.

I also like the ideas in sci-fi. There are theories and situations that can’t be explored in a setting that has to adhere to what we know in real life.

Which actress (or actor, if that’s who you want), alive or dead, would you choose to play yourself in the movie of your life? The actress doesn’t have to look like you at all, so I want to know who you think could best portray your essence on screen.

It’s cliche, I think, but I’d say Katherine Hepburn. No matter what movie she’s in, she is the character I identify with. Alternatively, I’d say Janine Garofalo. Not for her acting skills, but because, from what I know of her personal life, I think she’s someone I could hang out with. I also think Audrey Tautou is totally adorable, and there is a part of her eccentricity in Amelie that I can relate to. Purely for looks, though, I think it would have to be Anne Hathaway. At least, that’s what people have told me. A LOT.


You have one, if you never had to worry about money for the rest of your life, would you push hard to have another?

Yes. Even without that kind of money I want another. Someday.

Favorite cookies to eat? To bake?

My own. Any. I am the human embodiment of the Cookie Monster (a trait that CLEARLY is genetically handed down from my father), but only for my own homemade (I’m also a snob). I really like baking Ginger Snaps with fresh ginger. They’re easy and smell so wonderful at every step.

Would you want to be the boss?

I AM the boss. Unless you mean at work, and then NO. NOT EVER. I have enough stress as it is. No amount of money would be worth that plummet in quality of life!

Thanks, ticknart! Uh… your questions are, um, in the mail! Yeah!

(Seriously, just give me another day. Pretty please?)

Feb 21 2008

Shocking? Sadly, No.

As Cole would say, “My Frog.” Of course, when he says it it sounds more like MotherFuck. That asshole. Umm… I mean Cheney, not Cole.

Feb 20 2008

Yes, we are.

2:48 PM John: Hey baby!
2:49 PM me: Hola. Que Pasa?
John: Whatcha want fro dinner?
me: Blech. You can think about food right now? NOT HUNGRY.
John: Mmm fro dinner.
2:50 PM me: I was thinking that… Hee!
John: You shopping?
me: Meh- I guess so. I have to go to WalMart for the bubba.
Need anything?
2:51 PM John: Hmmm…thinking…
me: Colon Cleanse a scam? Read a review about Colon Cleanse!
John: Ahh. Why? What colon?
2:52 PM me: I just thought we needed a word from our sponsors.
John: Hah!
I think I’m good.
me: Aaand … we’re back. So, dinner?
2:53 PM Pizza? Then we will need colon cleanse.
John: Oh pleaseNO!
me: I bet WalMart haz it
John: Mine is clean enough to eat from anyway.
me: Mmmmm…. No.
2:54 PM John: You dare question ME!
me: Do I ever NOT?
John: I’ll get all promise keeper on you.
me: Whoda Wha?
me: Fuck that noise, man.
John: Word!
2:56 PM me: Homemade or factory?
John: Factory?
me: PIZZA Factory… Duh.
tyle="font-weight: bold;">John: not question.
How would factory be for you?
me: Expensive. How about for you?
2:58 PM John: MMM. Home then.
Ima doing dishes tonight, Yays.
2:59 PM me: Handwash and Everything? Say yes and I’ll be the happiest wifey evah!
John: Hmm. I’ll try.
I want teh happy.
3:00 PM me: What is this TRY business. You DO!
John: There is no try…
3:01 PM I better actually get work done. Lovins.
me: Pssht! You FAIL at time wasting.
And, dude- no matter how much you poop, no one is ever going to think your colon is clean enough to eat off of. Give up the dream.
3:02 PM John: Canta man dream?
me: Love.
Feb 20 2008

I am not, nor have ever been, a sensitive artist.

My art show.

I was invited to be a part of a “Returning Artists” show for our local Arts Council in March. I agreed and then immediately wanted to punch myself in the face because who do I think I am? Superwoman? Or single without kids and with all the fucking time in the world? What makes me think that I have any business showing my art like a real artist or something? Bah!

But my family was behind me, and I got a nice little donation toward being able to frame some of my old work (mixed-media on paper- requires framing unless you like the look of thumb-tacks at the corners, which is how they’ve been hung for years but… you know… professionalism and all that silly jazz…). I spent Saturday in “the city” with my mum and Cole buying frames (FYI- not a lot of choices when your stuff is 41×27) and some new canvases and paints (canvases=don’t need frames; new paints=is there a prettier site in art than brand new paints? It’s like a new baby- all that POTENTIAL.).

On Monday I was a negligent mother and framed and painted the day away. I now have three old pieces in new frames to make them lovely and displayable, and one new piece that I am getting more excited about each time I look at it. I will have 5 total (one is the painting that is featured in my header) if they have enough room. That’s (part of) the trouble with working big.

(Cole is doing a lot better today and is back at school. His blood oxygen level was at 94 yesterday when it should be 95 and above, but it was back up to 96 today. I think he’ll be alright.)

(I also have so much to do at work in the next couple of days that I’m feeling like barfing. The interview will have to hang on a bit longer. Sorry, ticknart! By the way- the questions are AWESOME.)

Feb 19 2008


Cole is sick and isn’t getting better. We’re FINALLY able to get in to a doctor today. Whoopee.

I have answered Ticknart’s questions, but only on paper. I am in today only to get a few things done. John is out out of town for a class and Cole is here at work with me. The interviews will have to wait. Tomorrow maybe? If Cole is better enough to go to school.

I spent the weekend going between wiping a toddler nose, BEING the hankie, and getting my art together for a show in March. My fingers hurt.

Feb 14 2008

Aren’t I FAScinating?

Here are my interview answers with questions supplied by tina:

If you could eat only three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Jeez- start with the hard questions, why don’t ya! Three foods? Impossible! If I were forced to eat only three foods, I would probably be forced to kill myself. I am the most fickle eater EVER- what sounds like the best food on earth this morning may seem like horrendous poison tonight. I can’t eat the same food three days in a row, never mind forEVER.

But, for the sake of playing along, I’ll say Pizza, Chocolate, and Sweet-Potato Fries (assuming, of course, that they actually have the nutritional qualities of broccoli, lean chicken, and wheat germ).

What’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for you?

My husband, who was merely my boyfriend at the time, had only known me for a couple of weeks (seriously- like 2 weeks) when I got sick. He made me a little care package with tea and throat lozenges and other sweet things and packed it with a love note. It was such a kind gesture, especially considering he was only 17, and I’ve never forgotten it. That was over 11 years ago. It was about that time that I knew I had to make him mine forever.
What’s your favorite book? Why?

I have had so many favorites through my life- everything from Black Beauty to The Thief of Always to All Creatures Great and Small. Since becoming a parent, though, I don’t get much time to read, and usually the stuff I do get to read is pretty… pulpy. Not trash, really, but just kind of brain candy type books.
If you were forced to live somewhere other than where you live now, where would you choose?

I love where I live now, but if I had to move I’d probably go FAR away. Australia, perhaps. I sure liked it when we visited!
Name three movies you can watch over and over and never get tired of.

Another tough one! Three I really enjoy are Strictly Ballroom, Amelie, and Philadelphia Story, but I can’t promise that I wouldn’t get sick of them at some point.
Why did you start blogging, and what makes you keep on with it?

I started because we were living so far away from our friends and it seemed like such a handy way to keep in touch. I continue for the same reason, but also because of the opportunities to “meet” new people. I’ve been in contact with some really fascinating people over the 5 years I’ve had my blog, and I’m sure that I wouldn’t have been able to meet them otherwise.

It’s also a way for me to vent in a more acceptable form then hollering at my family or co-workers. It’s an incredibly effective stress-management tool!

Describe a perfectly happy moment in your life.

I was going to say when my son was born, but honestly that moment was seriously laden with conflicting emotions. Instead, I have to say whenever my son comes up for a spontaneous hug or kiss, just because he wants to. That’s a pretty fantastic feeling- the display of complete love from a person who you also love completely.

Feb 13 2008

Stacy’s Answers to My Inane Questions

1) If you had to wear only one designer’s clothing for the rest of your life (and money didn’t matter), whose would it be and why?

I have always wanted to be a woman with many closets. A women that works, a lady the dresses up, and a girl that dresses down on the weekends. Therefore, I have three answers…

Work Wear – Chanel

Evening Wear- Stella Mccarthy

Weekend Wear- Marc Jacobs

But what about Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Philip Lam, and new kids like Jason Wu. I don’t know if I could be so limited in life.

2) Why do you blog?

Here in Seattle, we lack anything related to Fashion. We are growing, but slowly. A blog was something to keep me occupied and hopefully make a small impact on the community.

To paraphrase Ian Mackaye from Fugazi, if you don’t like something, don’t bitch about it, do it yourself. I guess I am trying to take this approach to Seattle and its lack of Fashion.

3) What do you want to be when you grow up? Has that always been true?

When I grow up? I want to be doing whatever makes me happy at the time. I do better at thinking about what I wish I could be… I’ll never be a model, a ballet dancer, or a fashion designer though I wish I could have been. But at this point I wouldn’t mind being a layout editor for a magazine or newspaper, or even just working in the design department.

4) What is a banana best used for?

Banana Nut Bread

(For the record- this is the correct answer. ~heels)

5) Are there things that you refuse to discuss on your blog?

I am inclined to stick to a few things- fashion, writing, books, beauty products, my life, and my dog Nacho.

6) What is your greatest strength?

People. I think I am pretty understanding and relating to people, even if we have completely different likes and dislike. I am tolerable (most of the time). And I think most importantly, I am really good at making others feel comfortable.

7) What is your favorite alcoholic drink? Why?

Vodka Tonic. . . Though you get me a beach and put a Pina Colada in my hand and I am all for it.

8) What is the best kind of Valentine’s gift that you could be given?

I am not a big fan of Valentines Day, but I am always up for free dark chocolate.

9) If you had to lose one of your senses, which would it be?

Summer time in Seattle is too beautiful to not see,

Croissants and espresso are way too good to not taste,

My life wouldn’t be the same with out disco music, so I have to hear,

Fresh baked cookies smell way too good to pass up on,

So I guess, touch. I would still want my hands; I just couldn’t feel the difference between satin and velvet.

10) What fashion trend do you want to see take off this year?

I really like the tom boy looks that came out of New York Fashion Week, think Phi spring 2008.

I also really like the lingerie inspired looks, think Vanessa Bruno spring 2008.

And lastly bold prints in silk and jewel toned dresses that were all over the runway at NY Fashion Week.

Thanks, Stacy!

Wasn’t that fun? If anybody wants to answer these questions on their blog, or if you’d like to be interviewed by me or to interview me, let me know. We can link around.

Feb 13 2008

This may sound really strange to some of you, but do you know how much I love my mom that she is willing to be my nude model so that I can get some work done? I may not take her up on it, but it’s the offer that counts.