Feb 08 2008

He’s already caught cute.

Cole in the car last night, upon seeing a high-flying flock of birds:

“*clap, clap*”

Me: “Whacha doin’?”

Cole: “Ima catchin’ BUTTERFLIES!”

Me: “Those are birds, baby.”

Cole: “Ima catchin’ BIRDS!”

So cute, had you been there you would have grown ovaries and ovulated on the spot. Good thing I was the only witness.

Feb 08 2008

Skeezy Creeps!

So, most of you probably know that I work for a company for which my father is co-founder and CEO. (No, he didn’t hire me or have anything to do with hiring me and I deserve my job and got it on my own merit and it’s not nepotism at all so shut up.) Because he’s a chief “decider,” he gets a lot of telemarketing calls. A. LOT. In fact, they don’t leave him alone.

We have receptionists who answer the phones and screen the calls for certain employees, my dad included. My dad is out of the office today, so when a call came in for him, the admin who answered had to holler over to me to see if she should give out his cell number. It went like this:

“Hey, D- do you have a Daryl in your family?”

“A WHO?”

“A Daryl. This guy is claiming to be Daryl Maidenname and wants your dad’s cell number.”

“There is no Daryl in my family.”

“Ok- oh look! He hung up. What a shock.”

… a minute later…

“Hey, D- How about a Donald?”


“Cool- oh look! He hung up again!”

Seriously? What does this guy think would happen even if he did get that number? Does he really think that my dad would listen to him for even a SECOND before hanging up or verbally reaming him a new one? Dude- dishonesty won’t get you far here. What an ass.