Feb 13 2008

Stacy’s Answers to My Inane Questions

1) If you had to wear only one designer’s clothing for the rest of your life (and money didn’t matter), whose would it be and why?

I have always wanted to be a woman with many closets. A women that works, a lady the dresses up, and a girl that dresses down on the weekends. Therefore, I have three answers…

Work Wear – Chanel

Evening Wear- Stella Mccarthy

Weekend Wear- Marc Jacobs

But what about Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Philip Lam, and new kids like Jason Wu. I don’t know if I could be so limited in life.

2) Why do you blog?

Here in Seattle, we lack anything related to Fashion. We are growing, but slowly. A blog was something to keep me occupied and hopefully make a small impact on the community.

To paraphrase Ian Mackaye from Fugazi, if you don’t like something, don’t bitch about it, do it yourself. I guess I am trying to take this approach to Seattle and its lack of Fashion.

3) What do you want to be when you grow up? Has that always been true?

When I grow up? I want to be doing whatever makes me happy at the time. I do better at thinking about what I wish I could be… I’ll never be a model, a ballet dancer, or a fashion designer though I wish I could have been. But at this point I wouldn’t mind being a layout editor for a magazine or newspaper, or even just working in the design department.

4) What is a banana best used for?

Banana Nut Bread

(For the record- this is the correct answer. ~heels)

5) Are there things that you refuse to discuss on your blog?

I am inclined to stick to a few things- fashion, writing, books, beauty products, my life, and my dog Nacho.

6) What is your greatest strength?

People. I think I am pretty understanding and relating to people, even if we have completely different likes and dislike. I am tolerable (most of the time). And I think most importantly, I am really good at making others feel comfortable.

7) What is your favorite alcoholic drink? Why?

Vodka Tonic. . . Though you get me a beach and put a Pina Colada in my hand and I am all for it.

8) What is the best kind of Valentine’s gift that you could be given?

I am not a big fan of Valentines Day, but I am always up for free dark chocolate.

9) If you had to lose one of your senses, which would it be?

Summer time in Seattle is too beautiful to not see,

Croissants and espresso are way too good to not taste,

My life wouldn’t be the same with out disco music, so I have to hear,

Fresh baked cookies smell way too good to pass up on,

So I guess, touch. I would still want my hands; I just couldn’t feel the difference between satin and velvet.

10) What fashion trend do you want to see take off this year?

I really like the tom boy looks that came out of New York Fashion Week, think Phi spring 2008.

I also really like the lingerie inspired looks, think Vanessa Bruno spring 2008.

And lastly bold prints in silk and jewel toned dresses that were all over the runway at NY Fashion Week.

Thanks, Stacy!

Wasn’t that fun? If anybody wants to answer these questions on their blog, or if you’d like to be interviewed by me or to interview me, let me know. We can link around.

Feb 13 2008

This may sound really strange to some of you, but do you know how much I love my mom that she is willing to be my nude model so that I can get some work done? I may not take her up on it, but it’s the offer that counts.

Feb 13 2008


Did I mention that I signed up for The Great Interview Experiment? Well, anyway, I signed up for The Great Interview Experiment. You should too! It was great, though I had a hell of a time thinking of questions for my interviewee. I guess I should have thought about that before I signed up. Usually, I avoid doing any more work than necessary.

But it was fun. I was interviewed by tina over at Deep Green Seas. In turn, I got to interview Stacy at la boudoir. I’ll post both interviews up here when it’s all finished.