Feb 20 2008

Yes, we are.

2:48 PM John: Hey baby!
2:49 PM me: Hola. Que Pasa?
John: Whatcha want fro dinner?
me: Blech. You can think about food right now? NOT HUNGRY.
John: Mmm fro dinner.
2:50 PM me: I was thinking that… Hee!
John: You shopping?
me: Meh- I guess so. I have to go to WalMart for the bubba.
Need anything?
2:51 PM John: Hmmm…thinking…
me: Colon Cleanse a scam? Read a review about Colon Cleanse!
John: Ahh. Why? What colon?
2:52 PM me: I just thought we needed a word from our sponsors.
John: Hah!
I think I’m good.
me: Aaand … we’re back. So, dinner?
2:53 PM Pizza? Then we will need colon cleanse.
John: Oh pleaseNO!
me: I bet WalMart haz it
John: Mine is clean enough to eat from anyway.
me: Mmmmm…. No.
2:54 PM John: You dare question ME!
me: Do I ever NOT?
John: I’ll get all promise keeper on you.
me: Whoda Wha?
me: Fuck that noise, man.
John: Word!
2:56 PM me: Homemade or factory?
John: Factory?
me: PIZZA Factory… Duh.
tyle="font-weight: bold;">John: not question.
How would factory be for you?
me: Expensive. How about for you?
2:58 PM John: MMM. Home then.
Ima doing dishes tonight, Yays.
2:59 PM me: Handwash and Everything? Say yes and I’ll be the happiest wifey evah!
John: Hmm. I’ll try.
I want teh happy.
3:00 PM me: What is this TRY business. You DO!
John: There is no try…
3:01 PM I better actually get work done. Lovins.
me: Pssht! You FAIL at time wasting.
And, dude- no matter how much you poop, no one is ever going to think your colon is clean enough to eat off of. Give up the dream.
3:02 PM John: Canta man dream?
me: Love.
Feb 20 2008

I am not, nor have ever been, a sensitive artist.

My art show.

I was invited to be a part of a “Returning Artists” show for our local Arts Council in March. I agreed and then immediately wanted to punch myself in the face because who do I think I am? Superwoman? Or single without kids and with all the fucking time in the world? What makes me think that I have any business showing my art like a real artist or something? Bah!

But my family was behind me, and I got a nice little donation toward being able to frame some of my old work (mixed-media on paper- requires framing unless you like the look of thumb-tacks at the corners, which is how they’ve been hung for years but… you know… professionalism and all that silly jazz…). I spent Saturday in “the city” with my mum and Cole buying frames (FYI- not a lot of choices when your stuff is 41×27) and some new canvases and paints (canvases=don’t need frames; new paints=is there a prettier site in art than brand new paints? It’s like a new baby- all that POTENTIAL.).

On Monday I was a negligent mother and framed and painted the day away. I now have three old pieces in new frames to make them lovely and displayable, and one new piece that I am getting more excited about each time I look at it. I will have 5 total (one is the painting that is featured in my header) if they have enough room. That’s (part of) the trouble with working big.

(Cole is doing a lot better today and is back at school. His blood oxygen level was at 94 yesterday when it should be 95 and above, but it was back up to 96 today. I think he’ll be alright.)

(I also have so much to do at work in the next couple of days that I’m feeling like barfing. The interview will have to hang on a bit longer. Sorry, ticknart! By the way- the questions are AWESOME.)