Mar 14 2008

No! Don’t Go! Come Back!!

In FAR more interesting news, my boobs are busy escaping out the sides of my bra. Bra makers! Why do you hate me so?!

Mar 14 2008

Taking a Breath

I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the financial difficulties we’re now facing. I’m not angry, I’m not stressed anymore. We know how we’re going to deal with it, and it’s a solution that has minimal drawbacks. We can’t fight any of the charges, so we may as well resign ourselves to them and get them taken care of as soon as possible.

But what’s sticking with me, what I can’t shake, is the disappointment. There were things I wanted to do with our house this year that, I’m afraid, are no longer options. I wanted to paint inside and out; I wanted to install ceiling fans and fix up the kitchen a bit; I wanted to plant a vegetable garden, and had even made my Gurney’s list already; I wanted to fix the roof; but, most of all, I wanted to fix our backyard so that Cole would finally have a good, safe place to play outside, because out front in the rocks with no fence is becoming less of an option the more active and mobile he gets.

But all of these things will have to wait. Is it heartbreaking? No. Is it horrible and dire? Not even. Does it even rate on the scale of tragedies in this world? Totally not. It’s just a personal disappointment, and one that I just have to get over.

I have to keep reminding myself of how lucky we are. We are young (not even 30 yet), own a house on which we fairly easily make our payments every month (even though it doesn’t leave us with much extra), we are healthy and happy, we have a WONDERFUL child, supportive families, and good jobs. And heck- we’re getting an (nearly) all expenses paid trip to Hawaii for 10 days in April! Life is not that bad!

Will the financial set back kill us? Not even! It just sucks. We’ll have to pinch our pennies that much harder for a while. But, as long as I have my family, I’ll be okay. Better than okay- I’ll be happy.

Mar 13 2008


Among other things about which we will not speak at this time, in the past couple of weeks we (I) have been freaking just a little about our finances.

First, a bill from the past came back to bite us to the pain of $1,200, which we, obviously, don’t exactly have hanging around. Anywhere. I mean, we wish!

Then, we had our taxes done. Can I stop crying now, please? Apparently, we weren’t withholding quite enough last year. So much less than we should that, well… though I don’t feel comfortable divulging exactly how much we owe, let me just tell you that it’s more than that first bill I told you about.

OW.ow.ow.ow.OW.ow.ow… WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO! I’ve been eating very badly and feeling rather unmotivated to do much of anything productive except eat badly (it is SO productive! It makes FAT! So THERE!).

(Oh… WAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!)

And I haven’t been dancing because of… drama, let’s just say, and that’s never good for my mental (or physical) health.

And the only time I’ve REALLY laughed today was when I was listening to Flight Of The Conchords. (“That’s why they call them business socks.” HAR!) So I think I might just go do some more of that now, because nothing’s more fun than trying not to laugh so that the people in the cubes around you won’t know you’re doing anything other than concentrating completely on your work.


Mar 11 2008

How to feel pretty.

I have this… spot on my chin, which isn’t a pimple but might as well be one for how it looks (it’s, like, a really pissed off dry spot or something. I don’t know) This morning, I was sitting and drinking my coffee while Cole was resigning himself to being awake on the couch, when he looked at me and said “Mama? What happened you chin?” Nothing! Nothing is wrong! It’s not a pimple! (Defensive much?)

Then, just as I finished eating my chocolate-chip cookie breakfast (shut up), he said “Where cookie go?” I said “I don’t know. Where DID the cookie go?” And HE said “YOU BUTT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Damn. Did my kid just call me fat?

If you need me, I’ll be the fat, spotty one crying softly in the corner.

Mar 07 2008

Hey! This one’s actually kinda right…

…for once.

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60% reason-oriented.

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Mar 05 2008

Oh my- the search strings…

Cole has a stuffed bat toy that he has recently rediscovered. Only, he doesn’t realize that it’s a bat. He thinks it’s a giant bird. A giant bird that says “CAW CAW!” as it flaps around the house. Except, he doesn’t say “caw caw” so much as “COCK COCK!” When I try to correct him by saying “CAAAAHHH” very deliberately, he just as precisely looks me in the eye and says “COCK!” with a slightly evil smirk on his tiny face.

How can I not laugh?

Mar 05 2008



Couldn’t you just listen to that little voice ALL DAY?

(Thanks, John, for sending it to me!)

Mar 04 2008

I Almost Forgot!

We saw an adorable, wonderful movie the other night. Kirikou and the Sorceress is based on an African folktale, and I felt while watching it that I was back in elementary school reading my favorite Fairy Tale books. It is truly beautifully done. We happily showed it to Cole, though if you have problems with female upper-body nudity, please preview it before showing it to your children. Cole was completely captivated and delighted, even laughing at certain parts (which he almost never does). We were able to see it by renting from Netflix- I don’t know about the availability otherwise. Check it out! It’s fantastic!

Mar 04 2008

Random Lessons in Parenting, No. 1852

Before I became a parent, I never thought I’d have to tell anyone “You can not talk to your feet while in time out. Sit there and be quiet.”

Oy vey…

Mar 04 2008

Oh My Good Golly…

This is some fun stuff!