Mar 04 2008

I Almost Forgot!

We saw an adorable, wonderful movie the other night. Kirikou and the Sorceress is based on an African folktale, and I felt while watching it that I was back in elementary school reading my favorite Fairy Tale books. It is truly beautifully done. We happily showed it to Cole, though if you have problems with female upper-body nudity, please preview it before showing it to your children. Cole was completely captivated and delighted, even laughing at certain parts (which he almost never does). We were able to see it by renting from Netflix- I don’t know about the availability otherwise. Check it out! It’s fantastic!

Mar 04 2008

Random Lessons in Parenting, No. 1852

Before I became a parent, I never thought I’d have to tell anyone “You can not talk to your feet while in time out. Sit there and be quiet.”

Oy vey…

Mar 04 2008

Oh My Good Golly…

This is some fun stuff!

Mar 04 2008

Something You May Not Know About Me

But it is something about which I am PASSIONATE, and getting more preachy about every day (to the DELIGHT of those around me, I am SURE!).


Okay, that’s not a surprise (you’ve all met my chins, I believe?). More importantly, sustainable, fresh, healthy food. Also, knowing just exactly what the hell we put in our bodies!

I am on a personal campaign to eradicate pre-packaged food from our house. Yes, I fail. Yes, we still have these things in our house. Yes, I could be better. HOWEVER! I believe in the power of baby-steps. I get out of the habit of one thing at a time, and do my best not to create any NEW bad habits. It’s more about a trend toward better eating, not a complete over-haul.

Here is something wonderful, and horrifying, to read. I strongly recommend that you do. This one, too. And here’s something extremely helpful, which already has MANY of the recommendations I would give.

Do you know what is in the foods you eat? I mean, really know? Are you a label reader? Or, like me, are you trying to get to the point where you don’t HAVE to read labels because… dundundun… you’ve made the food YOURSELF?

I picked up a box of pancake mix in the store the other day, just out of curiosity. In that EXTREMELY expensive box, there were two things that I avoid completely: High Fructose Corn Syrup and Partially Hydrogenated Oil. Why do we need these things in our pancake mix (not to mention the other billion things they are in)? I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep buckets of the stuff around my house for when I make pancakes. Plus, I can get the ingredients for making pancakes from scratch for pennies on the dollar compared to a pre-packaged mix. And it takes, what, 5 minutes more to make? If that.

This bugs the shit out of me- the DEATH of COOKING. I have cookbooks, for crap’s sake, that tell me to use PREPARED INGREDIENTS. What? You’re supposed to be telling me how to COOK, not combine shit that has been mass-produced. Fuck. That. Noise.

I have co-workers who are shocked- SHOCKED- that I know how to make a pie. I shit you not.

I want to know what I’m putting in my body. I want to know what I’m feeding my child. THIS is where money is well spent. Cole can go without lots of new toys or clothes. How can those mere things be important if he doesn’t have a healthy body? We’re starting to see the effects of a pre-packaged food culture in the rising rates of diabetes, among other signs. I don’t think we’ve even seen the worst. What are the longer-term health effects really going to be? And what about the costs associated with taking care of the people with poor diets as they age?

I’m not trying to seem perfect or holier-than-thou. Like I said- I Fail. Cole had Goldfish crackers last night and Kix cereal this morning. I know there’s not enough time in a day, especially for those of us that work full-time outside of the home, to make every little thing. That’s why it’s about the baby-steps- cutting back and cutting out where you can. I truly believe that every little step counts.

AND I honestly believe that doing so will SAVE you money. John and I had a $7 dinner last night, and there are leftovers. And it was chicken- probably the most expensive meat we eat. Our grocery bills have been getting smaller, even as I move more and more to organics. By buying the raw ingredients and making things myself, I am saving our family a good bit of money. I can’t tell you how satisfying that is. (And the organic? TASTES BETTER. Even my resident skeptic- my husband- thinks so. And not just because I threatened to withhold sex if he didn’t agree with me.)

So tell me- is this something you think about? Or do you think I’m a crackpot?! What are some of the ways you save money and help your family eat better?