Mar 11 2008

How to feel pretty.

I have this… spot on my chin, which isn’t a pimple but might as well be one for how it looks (it’s, like, a really pissed off dry spot or something. I don’t know) This morning, I was sitting and drinking my coffee while Cole was resigning himself to being awake on the couch, when he looked at me and said “Mama? What happened you chin?” Nothing! Nothing is wrong! It’s not a pimple! (Defensive much?)

Then, just as I finished eating my chocolate-chip cookie breakfast (shut up), he said “Where cookie go?” I said “I don’t know. Where DID the cookie go?” And HE said “YOU BUTT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Damn. Did my kid just call me fat?

If you need me, I’ll be the fat, spotty one crying softly in the corner.