Mar 13 2008


Among other things about which we will not speak at this time, in the past couple of weeks we (I) have been freaking just a little about our finances.

First, a bill from the past came back to bite us to the pain of $1,200, which we, obviously, don’t exactly have hanging around. Anywhere. I mean, we wish!

Then, we had our taxes done. Can I stop crying now, please? Apparently, we weren’t withholding quite enough last year. So much less than we should that, well… though I don’t feel comfortable divulging exactly how much we owe, let me just tell you that it’s more than that first bill I told you about.

OW.ow.ow.ow.OW.ow.ow… WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO! I’ve been eating very badly and feeling rather unmotivated to do much of anything productive except eat badly (it is SO productive! It makes FAT! So THERE!).

(Oh… WAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!)

And I haven’t been dancing because of… drama, let’s just say, and that’s never good for my mental (or physical) health.

And the only time I’ve REALLY laughed today was when I was listening to Flight Of The Conchords. (“That’s why they call them business socks.” HAR!) So I think I might just go do some more of that now, because nothing’s more fun than trying not to laugh so that the people in the cubes around you won’t know you’re doing anything other than concentrating completely on your work.