Apr 08 2008

Dear Co-worker

How can I even begin to describe how much I detest your nasty, passive-aggressive ass? I realize that you are a worthless ho-bag, and that you must recognize this in yourself, but must you be so horrible to me (and others) in an attempt to make yourself feel better?

I know, from your smugly superior attitude, that you must think you are better than me. I beg to differ. Your suggestions and comments are, like you, trash. Take, for example, your most recent email about a DRAFT design I sent around for review:

“It looks like [the phrase] isn’t quite centered as it should be, is that my imagination? (too far to the right?)”

Why yes! It clearly is! That is a part of why it is a DRAFT. Did you not get that it’s a DRAFT? Did the big, bold “DRAFT” mark on there confuse you? Are you unable to think abstractly enough to get past the slight off-centered-ness of the words? And, finally, did you really think that your comment was HELPFUL in any way?

I know that you have nothing to do all day, what with being worthless and all, but STAY OUT OF MY WAY. Yes, I AM countering passive-aggressiveness with aggressive-aggressivness. What of it?

Do we need to take this outside?

Cheers, Bitch!