May 19 2008

Public Humiliation

I run a monthly contest for the company I work for. This month we have a “Lightning Round” because we have only 6 days to complete it. I sent an email to the entire company about the contest, but then had to follow it with this:

Spell-Check- A Cautionary Tale

Just because Spell-Check accepts a word does not mean that it is actually the word you want. Take, for example, the email I just sent out. In it, I used the word “lightening”- typing quickly and relying on Spell-Check to help me out. No errors registered, and I moved on.

However, R.C. felt that something looked a bit “off” about my spelling and decided to check for himself.

For the record, I meant “Lightning,” as in “an discharge of electricity which typically occurs during thunderstorms, and sometimes during volcanic eruptions or dust storms.” I did not mean “Lightening,” as in “the process or time during late pregnancy when the fetal head begins to descend into the mother’s pelvis, resulting in a lessening of pressure on the diaphragm.”

Sorry about that. Lesson learned.