May 22 2008

It’s Called RESEARCH, Dani

I was all set to blast C&H; sugar for what I just saw on their bag the other night, but then I though I might look into it a bit first. Y’know- to avoid looking like an ass (which I can rarely avoid anyway).

I’m glad I did.

See, this is what I saw, and the editor in me had a little fit:

But, you see, I didn’t realize until just 5 minutes ago, when I decided to Google it just for the hell of it, that “Share Our Strength” is a charity helping hungry children.


So C&H; is right after all, though I still think they could have phrased it better for those of us (okay- maybe just ME) who don’t (didn’t) know about “Share Our Strength.” I mean, I can’t be the only one, can I?