Jun 02 2008


Last night Cole and I were reading “Yummy Yucky” by Leslie Patricelli. On the page that says “Eggs are Yummy. Earwax is Yucky.” I stuck my finger in Cole’s ear and said “Ewww. Yucky earwax!” Cole looked at me and said “I not yucky!” I said “No! You’re not yucky! Earwax is yucky. You’re yummy!” He said “Yeah. I yummy.” then paused to think for a second and said “I yummy like cheeseburgers.”


Jun 02 2008

How to Act Like an Ass in Two Easy Steps*

So… I was happily flower shopping at my local farmer’s market this past Saturday, along with a recalcitrant cowboy-toddler, when I noticed a woman and her two adorable children come near. I didn’t pay much attention until she sidled a little closer and said “Oh!” I turned, and she said “I hope this isn’t too strange, but I love your blog!”



I blabbed out something like “Gosh… Thanks!” To which she said “You’re like a rockstar now!”


To the lovely woman who approached me at the farmer’s market: Thanks. You freaking made my weekend. I was totally caught off guard, so I apologize for seeming like such a dolt. Keep in mind that I blog because I am a social retard. Also keep in mind that I am usually perfectly put together and beautifully coiffed. And smell really good. And have a wonderfully behaved toddler. And am 15 pounds lighter. Ahem.

(Do you think she’s buying it?)

Perhaps instead of “a rockstar” you should have said “Britney.”


*Step 1: Write a public blog. Step 2: Go out in public.