Jun 04 2008

In the Closet

Last Saturday I re-did my closet. See, my closet (which I have no before pictures of- bad blogger! Bad!) was a horrendous mess. Everything hung from one pole across and there was a shelf for my winter sweaters on the top. My shoes were all jumbled in two bins and on the floor at the bottom.

But then I got really, really lucky.

Cole’s daycare providers are really lovely people, but they have a little… umm… pack-rat problem. Maybe more than a little. Maybe even they have piles of brand-new, unopened, beautiful STUFF lying along every wall in their house. And on every table. And the couches. It’s pretty bad. Not unsafe for the kids in any way, and there’s not a single piece of dust or junk or trash to be seen, but DAMN! I’m a pretty cluttered person, and I could NEVER live like that.

So, a couple of years back they re-did a closet, but they purchased too much of the closet system stuff and couldn’t take it back. The really nice closet system stuff, because they only get the best.

Can you see where this is going?

Yeah- I got a whole new, beautiful closet for $10- the cost of the one part that they didn’t have in the box.