Jun 09 2008


I feel good today. I feel strong and confident, smart and sexy. I am comfortable being me today, and that’s rare.

I’m not intending to brag, it’s just that I so often vent about how I don’t feel good about myself, or how “depressed” I am. It feels nice to share about a day when I feel awesome.

I’ve also had some news in the past few days that makes me see how good my life is; how lucky I am to be me right now.

I think I’ll try to bask in it for a while. Who knows when it will come again.

Jun 09 2008

I infect you.

I have infected my sister with the lolcat disease, but it has mutated. She is now producing lolColes.

(Though I now notice that she has forgotten the “r” in Cheeseburger. Cole is not yummy like cheeseboogers, for the record. Cheeseboogers. Heheheh…)