Jun 16 2008

Shaving the Mutt. Not a Euphamism, But It Probably Should Be.

Our poor dog, Yoko, is a mutt. As far as we know, she’s rottweiler, german shepherd, and some kind of terrier. She’s a good but troubled dog. She also has a fuck-ton of hair. Like, three dog’s worth. Way more than a black dog living in the heat of California ought to.

And it’s really heating up around here. It’s been in the high 90′s for about a week now. My poor pooch has been feeling it, too. So I thought that, as an good adequate dog owner, I should do something to help her out. I went to the store and bought an electric hair trimmer.

Only, the one meant for dogs was super expensive, and I couldn’t figure out why it was any better than the one meant for humans, which was cheaper, so I got the human one.

I now realize that it’s perhaps because humans normally don’t have three layers of hair.

Of course, it took a little trial and (a lot of) error to come to that realization.

I now have a bald-ass dog. Truly.

Sorry, Yokie.