Jun 23 2008

I’ll just call him SparklePants.

My eyes sting like hell today, my knee is pinching like a sonofabitch, I can’t stop burping (though, perhaps cutting back on the seltzer water would help that one), my head aches, my neck aches, and my belly feels really wrong.

There are fires across California (which could explain my stinging eyes), none of which, luckily, are directly threatening me. George Carlin has died, and I really did think he was pretty great, as a social commenter if nothing else.

And my poor little baby got a boo-boo on his pee-pee this weekend from the mesh inside his bathing suit. There was blood and everything! That was a fucking freak out, let me tell you, to see blood on my child’s diaper. But he’s fine now. Nothing liberal slatherings of neosporin couldn’t cure.

And yet…

Hanging out with this dude sure makes the world seem a little shinier.