Jul 10 2008

I Love David Bowie…

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Jul 10 2008

In My Head

Me: Hmmm… I wonder why I hardly ever get comments here? And why, after 5 years of blogging, I’m still pretty much completely unknown?

Self: Uh- I think you have to kind of POST once in a while. Commenting on other people’s blogs is good too. Y’know- once a year at the very least.

Me: Ohhh… right… I know! Leading up to BlogHer, I’ll post every day! With really interesting topics! And I’ll be really active in commenting on the blogs of others! And they will know me! And love me! And I’ll have all sorts of friends! YAY!!

Self: Um, Hello! There’s this nasty little fact called “Working full-time” combined with “No computer at home.” I think you’re destined to remain friendless until you die at this rate.

Me: You have a point, but do you have to be so mean?

Self: I do it for you.

Me: Um… Thanks?

Self: You got it.

Me: But you know what would help me out more?

Self: What’s that?

Me: If you could sing along with Rock Band again so that I can record it and put it on the internet so that we can totally humiliate ourselves. People LOVE that! They eat it up!

Self: *sigh*