Jul 14 2008

Random- ish Is All I Can Manage

#1. Did you see ticknart‘s suggestion on this post? Does that work for you?

#2. I know you all read, and I love you for it. I mean, I pretty much know who comes here, but I don’t really check my stats anymore (NOT HEALTHY), so anytime you want to remind me, I’d love that, too.

#3. My son is a comic genius, but in a way that you’d have to see to believe.

#4. I tried Googling myself today (damn- that just sounds dirty). I can tell you for sure that none of those girls with my name are me. From the looks of the pictures, though, they really ARE dirty. Feel free to imagine me as the hott, brunette ones as long as you understand that it’s pure fantasy.

#5. BlogHer. SHEESH! It’s going to be huge. It’s totally sold out, people. That’s 1000 (mostly) women in the S.F. Westin this weekend! If you are single and looking for a girlfriend, you could do worse than checking out this scene. 1000 smart, funny chicks in one place? Who wouldn’t want to get in on that?! Just know that many of them are probably not from San Francisco, or even California.

#6. I AM for California, but I am unavailable. Stop crying. Remember- I’m NOT that one on the Google search. I won’t do that stuff. Not with you, anyway.

#7. For those of you attending BlogHer, I will be working at the registration desk from 7 to 12 each day. I am 5’10,” brunette, have a large smile and big eyes, and could stand to lose a few several many many pounds, though I’m fairly proportional, so it’s harder to tell. I talk a lot like an idiot when I’m nervous and I use my hands a lot. My sense of humor is INCREDIBLY inappropriate. I often think that things are funny when no one else does. If you want to have a laugh, invite me out dancing or to karaoke and I can nearly guarantee that I’ll make an ass out of myself at some point. Good times…

#8. I do not snore in my sleep. I do drool a bit. Sometimes a lot. But what do you care? You’re not sleeping with me! Only this woman is sleeping with me, and we have separate beds. (Or so she thinks! Hehehe…)(Okay, yes- we really do.)

#9. I’m so excited that I can’t actually think of anything else to say. I’ll be heading down to S.F. on Thursday, but I have a HUGE week of work before that. I’m feeling very overwhelmed. Posting may be spotty (as opposed to…?). But I’m taking my camera, and there will be a lot of blackmail photographic evidence of my boobery (but NOT my boobs!) when I return.

Jul 14 2008


Psst! There is an RSS feed for this blog. I swear! I know because I subscribe to it so that I can make sure it’s working. I also know because I put it there.