Aug 01 2008

Say It Out Loud For Full Effect

Cole got a hold of a pump-action Nerf ball-shooter a couple of weeks ago. There were no balls inside, but it was fun enough, apparently, to go around “shooting” things*. As he did so, he also did his own sound effects. He’d point the shooter at something, pull the sliding part back, and say “Psst!” He pointed it at a few things before turning the shooter on himself. Then he looked up at me and said “Mom! I Psst myself!”

How could I not laugh?

He told me to stop being funny.

*We do not like shooting, and we do not like guns. HOWEVER, there is NO stopping little boys from making absolutely anything into a gun of some sort. Ask any parent of a boy: eventually, they always find a way. Even a stick can be a gun. Or toast.

(P.S.- I may have posted this before, but my archives are all crapped up at the moment, so I can’t go and check. I mostly wanted to record it for posterity… or something.)