Aug 07 2008

Petty Annoyances

I rarely talk about my work here. I’ll tell you right now that I’ll never talk about it in specifics (despite most of my readers knowing me in real life and already knowing where I work) until the day I’m ready to quit. So probably never (as annoying as it gets sometimes, it’s a damn good job, especially for this area). But I have to vent for just a moment this morning.

You see, I do business development, a large part of which , for my company anyway, is putting together proposals. A proposal recently came up that I didn’t think was that great of an opportunity, but I put it through the review process anyway. It would have been due on Monday.

Two days ago (already too late to do a proper job, in my estimation) I gave someone here a list of arguments for why we shouldn’t bother going for it. He was still pushing for going forward, but hadn’t officially given the okay yet.

This morning I got a call saying never mind, with EXACTLY the list of arguments against that I had given TWO DAYS AGO, and given as though they were original to him.

What am I, stupid?

Whatever. I’m fine with the outcome- less stress for me!