Aug 08 2008

5 Out Of 9 Is… A Good Start, Anyway!

Cole is fascinated by planets, which I think is awesome. We discovered recently that, thanks in part to the fact that we hung planets from his ceiling, and part due to his love of The Magic School Bus, he knows the names of 5 out of 9 (yes, we still believe in Pluto in this house) planets of our solar system. He’ll even sing you a song that goes kind of like this:

“Jupiter has a red spot and Earth is where we live.”

His new favorite thing at bedtime is to go through and name the planets one by one. Over and over and over and… well, he’s 2.5- you get the picture, I’m sure.
Untitled from Heels on Vimeo.

Try again? Well… okay. But just because you’re so dang cute (and daddy filmed the stupid planets instead of your sweet face)!
Untitled from Heels on Vimeo.