Aug 13 2008

One More Thing

Sshhhhh! Don’t tell the universe I told you, but Cole peed in the potty for the first time last night! Yay, Cole!

Aug 13 2008


One of the more beautiful things I’ve read in a long time. I suggest any and all go check it out, but especially if you’re a parent.

Aug 13 2008

Fat Is Delicious.

But first- an aside. WOW, y’all! You rock on with your furious, protective selves! I was afraid I was going too far with the kneecapping, but apparently I’d barely even brushed the surface of doctor-directed rage out there. SWEET! I knew you loved me. But I’m also just a little afraid of you now…

Cupcakes. I love cupcakes. In fact, one of my favorite moments at BlogHer was while having cupcakes up in Isabel Kallman’s room (who may be one of the nicest, most gracious hosts I’ve ever met). Those were some good cupcakes, only improved by the fact that they looked like little boobies. So cute!

But cupcakes, in general, are good shit. I prefer a good cupcake to a slice of full-sized cake any day. Perhaps it’s all in my head (that happens a lot), but they just taste better.

I am a subscriber to Bon Appetit magazine, and I love it. In the last issue, among many other as-yet untried (but delicious sounding!) recipes, they had one for Key Lime Cupcakes.

Oh HELL yes!

I wanted to make these as mini-cupcakes, but I don’t actually own a mini-cupcake pan.
Oh- pardon me a second *cough*birthdayonAugust20th*cough* Wow! Tickle in my throat. I apologize!**
Anyway… So I made do (sigh) and made 12 regular sized cupcakes as the recipe says to. However, I did not add the green food dye. I have a problem with adding unnecessary ingredients to my cooking. It just seems wrong.

Despite my omission, these cupcakes were some of the best I’ve had IN MY LIFE. They are moist and dense, yet still manage to be fluffy and light-tasting. The frosting is equally delicious, though next time I think I will cut down on the butter. It makes more than enough frosting for all 12 cupcakes. In fact, I think I may have to bake more just to use the frosting up. Can’t let it go to waste! I will say that I did nearly double the amount of lime juice in the cupcake batter. It didn’t hurt the consistency any, and I like lime a lot, so… why not?! Next time I may try to add a little coconut milk into the frosting. Mmmm… Lime and coconut…

Huh? Wha…? I am NOT drooling. Shut up!

Run! Make them! I think they’ll make you happy. Just turn your head when you add the butter- that way the calories don’t count! Delicious, invisible, fat calories… Mmmm…..

**I don’t really want mini-cupcake pans for my birthday. I can buy those for myself relatively guilt free. What I DO want, and cannot buy for myself without feeling the burning guilt of a thousand catholic grandmothers, is something from here. I’ve been drooling over certain pieces for DAYS now. SO GORGEOUS. Not that I expect to ever get anything, but a girl can dream…