Aug 14 2008

For Shame

Last week, John and I received a little financial windfall. It was completely unexpected and, considering we’ve pretty much been staying out of major debt (I don’t count our mortgage or student loans as real debt- if I did, I’d go crazy…ier), it was kind of burning a hole in our pocket. We hadn’t been planning what we’d do with extra money because we never expected to have any.

It wasn’t enough to do something huge with, like take an awesome vacation or replace our roof, but we also felt like doing something fun. I mean, we hardly even go out to eat anymore. Money around here is for paying bills and buying groceries most of the time. It was kind of nice to have the ability to be frivolous for once.

So we bought a tv.

The tv we had was purchased in about 1999, I think, as a christmas present to me. It was a 27″ or so, tube tv, and was starting to show some signs of its advanced age. To be fair, I think it was holding up pretty well for a 9 year old tv.

The tv we purchased, and have been enjoying since Saturday evening when we got a bug up our butts and drove over an hour to get to the nearest Costco, is a 32″, HD, plasma job. We got a really good deal on it according to all of our research.

And we were really excited about it and, like I said, have been really enjoying the beautiful picture.

Except… I still feel kind of dirty for using the money that way. I’ve had serious buyer’s remorse ever since. I look at the backyard and think “we could have saved up to get real-live grass instead of dog urine soaked dirt and dead weeds.” I imagine giving Cole’s savings account a money injection like we’ve never been able to give. I think about replacing the roof and buying new fixtures and getting a dryer that actually dries.

I think about all of these practical things and I feel like a total asshole for spending money on something we so obviously didn’t need.

And then I try to get over it because it’s a done deal. Easier said than done, though.

What do you think? Is it morally reprehensible to spend a windfall on something fun? Am I right to want to kick myself whenever I think of it?

If $500 (that’s not what we got- it’s just a nice number) dropped into your lap right now, what would you do with it?