Sep 18 2008

Quickly! Tell me what you think!

What’s a better scent combination, lavender and sage or lavender and rosemary? In case it makes a difference, the ingredients are all whole (not essential oils or anything), the lavender is very strong and “herbal” smelling, and the sage (clary) and rosemary are from my garden.

Thoughts? I need to know soon!

Sep 17 2008

Quick Answers

Cole’s favorite superhero is… any of them. The one he talks about most in conjunction with his birthday is Super Why from the pbs show Super Why! (the exclamation point is theirs), but he is equally enraptured with Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Freakazoid, Super Spy Pablo (Backyardigans), and any other fast-moving, strong, monster-beating freak in a cape, mask, or spandex. He is also very intrigued by the case for the Terminator 2 DVD, though he really knows nothing about it. I think it’s like my obsession with Skeletor as a young child- I fell in love with his rippling… um… skull? from a puffy sticker, never having seen the actual show.

(For the record, Cole has also never seen Batman, Spiderman, or Superman movies, but his love for them is strong nonetheless.)

(And yes, Kamice- you are welcome and encouraged to attend.)

Sep 16 2008

Random: It’s International Dress Week!

Work is very busy, and I believe will continue to be, maybe forever. I still read some blogs each day, but, increasingly, the choice comes to whether I’d rather read or write, because I don’t seem to have time for both.

We may soon have the option of having dsl at home. We haven’t had internet at home since we moved back to California (about 2.5 years ago). I have some hesitation about bringing it back, but I think we’ll probably get it if it’s offered. We live in a remote enough location that it’s never been an option before- couldn’t get anything but dial-up, which we chose not to tease ourselves with. So writing from home may be possible once more, and that’s probably a good thing.

I don’t have much time left at all before I make my San Diego trip. I’m a little bit frightened, to tell the truth. I’ll be going with two coworkers whose company I enjoy very much, so that’s a good thing, but I’ll also be farther away from Cole than I’ve ever been. If something happens, it’ll be a lot more difficult to jump in the car and come home. It’s also going to be a LONG-ass drive, and I’m not looking forward to that part much at all. But, if anybody is in the San Diego area and would like to get together for a drink or something (need not be alcohol-related- I’ve heard there are good cupcake shops…) between the 1st and the 3rd of October, you know how to contact me! (That would be by leaving a comment, by the way.)

We will also be planning Cole’s birthday pretty shortly here. If you have any ideas for fun things to do for a 3 year old’s superhero-themed birthday party, speak up. Or if you’d like to be on the guest list. He has, so far, specified that 1) It will have superheroes, 2) There will be superhero chocolate cupcakes (THAT’S my boy!), and 3) We will all sing him the Happy Birthday song. I enjoy these low and utterly obtainable expectations.

One last thing, which you may want to skip if “too much information” really skeeves you out: I just got my period. Why do I mention it at all? Well, because 1) It’s the first time in 8 months that I’ve gotten it and not cried, 2) It’s the first time in 8 months that I’ve not cratered into depression after getting it and 3) It’s the second time in a row that it’s been a little early. The funny thing about that last point is that, I realized last night, now my monthly “cycles” seem to line up with the lunar cycle, and there’s a part of me that thinks that’s really kind of cool.

Sep 09 2008

The nose on the Dani goes “Honk! Honk! Honk!”

I’m sick (cold), having major problems with my mother, and have to finalize the Marketing Plan for my entire company by the end of this week. Plus, yesterday I had a salad from a restaurant with blue cheese dressing, only I think it was made (the dressing, that is) from Miracle Whip and milk. No cheese. That’s enough to put anyone’s week off.

There are some exciting and scary things on the horizon that I want to talk about, but for now I have to work. And google “neti pot techniques.” Not that I have a neti pot, but perhaps the pictures and descriptions alone will scare my sinuses straight.

Sep 05 2008


Oh yes- and the day after he told me that he liked ladies? He said that he didn’t like ladies OR kids; he likes men, specifically mailmen and firemen.

I’m with you on the firemen, kiddo. I just don’t know about the mailmen… But it does seem that you’ve inherited your mother’s love of a good uniform.

Sep 05 2008

Baby Boozer! 50 Cents!

It’s been a crazy week, both with work and home life. I busted my ass the last two days to get a proposal out on time, and I don’t think it was worth a minute of it. I also just finished writing a very difficult letter to my mother, a letter that was becoming unavoidable. I am in the process of writing and “taking ownership” of the 2009 marketing plan for my entire company, something for which I do not feel fully prepared. I am feeling my avoidant behavior floating to the surface at a time when I really can’t afford it.

I’ve found out that I will be leaving my family for almost a week two times in the next 4 months, both for conferences in Southern California. One conference I am excited to go to, though I hate the idea of leaving Cole and John behind. The other conference I would do almost anything to get out of. Free hotel rooms and being out of the office for a couple of days is the best I can say for it.

Strawberry? It was nice. It was difficult being around my mother, but it was worth it for the chance to be around my sister. I miss her so much. It has seemed that we haven’t had much real time to sit and talk in the last few years, but we certainly made a good start last weekend. Sure, most of it was bitching (about others, not each other), but it felt really good. I have my sister back.

Cole was a nasty punk for the first day and a half, and then suddenly decided that maybe food was a good idea and that naps were acceptable and immediately transformed back into the child that I knew must be in there all along. He was FILTHY the entire time, which I think counts as a success for any small child. I just let him go- no sense in fighting that one. It was just dirt, and not even from the floor of the outhouse! The pool was his (along with every other kid there) bathtub. Whatever.

He did put only one bad thing in his mouth (he’s not a gummy baby anymore, ticknart!). My mother had been at a camp cocktail party and received a red plastic cup full of rum over ice with a small orange slice squeezed over the top. She put it down on our camp table and forgot about it. Next thing I knew, my nephew comes screaming around the corner of the “kitchen” into our “sitting room” yelling “Cole is drinking out of the red cup!” I jumped up, pulled the cup out of Cole’s hands, and said “Ewww! That’s YUCKY! Don’t touch it!” He looked right at me and said “No MOM. It’s YUMMY!”

Wonderful. Would you like an espresso, too? Oh… you would*. Huh. Well, shit. Why don’t you just round it out and start smoking while you’re at it! You can be like those chimp tv stars who were alcoholic nicotene fiends. We can start selling tickets to see the littlest drunk. We’ll make millions!


Anyway, I’m too beat to say much more. Back next week.

*The second morning of the festival, my sister broke the french press while trying to clean it out which meant that we had to buy coffee that morning and every one after. After I got my coffee that day, Cole asked me for a coffee every time we went to the food court for anything. The last night, just as a sepecial treat, I got him a steamer with a tiny bit of vanilla. He took a sip, after I told him it was too hot, let every drop come right back out onto his jacket, grimaced because of his burnt tongue, and then said “Mmmm. Yummy!” After it was cooler, he drank every bit. And you know that steamers are the gateway drink. Before we know it, he’ll be saving up his pennies for shots at the local coffee house.

Sep 03 2008

Watch Out!

At the grocery store last night:

Cole (not yet 3 years old) is in the seat of the grocery cart. A young girl (younger than Cole) walks by with her father. Cole cranes his neck to watch her go, a little smile on his face.

Mommy (Me): You like kids, don’t you Cole?
Cole: Yes… No. I don’t like kids. I like LADIES.

End scene.