Sep 24 2008

Chomp Chomp

I made this:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I thought it was funny, even if no one else did.

I’m not an intensely political person. I vote, and I like to be educated on the issues, but I don’t actively campaign for candidates or contribute financially.

Until this year.

Now, until he entered this race, and particularly up until he nominated Palin as his VP, I didn’t really have a huge problem with McCain. In fact, if it were McCain of a few years ago and he were sans Palin, I wouldn’t be all that upset if he won. Sure, I’d never vote for him (unless I REALLY hated the Dem nominee), but I wouldn’t have cried if he won, either. But now? With the McCain of today combined with Palin? I may not just cry, I may move out of the country. I have more fear of that poisonous combination than I have ever felt in connection with a presidential election. I think that a McCain/Palin administration would be like Bush II: Electric Boogaloo- four more years of Bush bullshit with an extra special, conservative, constitution and personal freedoms-smashing twist.

At the same time, I have more hope than I’ve ever felt for a presidential candidate in Obama. I never expect a perfect president, but I believe that Obama may be exactly what we need right now. We don’t need someone who thinks it’s a positive point that he’s been in war- we need someone who is a COMMUNITY leader. We need to re-establish ourselves as respectable in the global community. We also need someone who can think outside of the tactics that have been used in the last 7 years (because, really- has it been working THAT WELL? Seriously?). I believe that Obama is that person this time. So much so that I actually got off of my relatively apathetic ass and drove to the Democratic headquarters to buy an Obama/Biden bumper sticker. That’s a major first for me. I’m also sporting an Obama pin and have recently been given two Obama shirts, one of which I will be cutting down to fit Cole. Because, dammit- as long as he’s all young and oblivious, I’m going to dress him as my adorable billboard as much as I please. He can have his own opinions when I’m no longer wiping his ass.

Obama 08.

(And that may be the last you hear about politics here for a while.)