Oct 10 2008

Take a DEEP Breath.

When it comes to politics, sure- I have my pretty well defined opinions. However, in real life, I am not a very vocal political person. I’ll see things on the internet that are funny to me and I occasionally post them. I am purposefully hyperbolic because it amuses me. If we met in real life, chances are you’d never know what party I belong to or how I feel about particular issues. I respect anyone who has taken the time to educate themselves about issues and candidates, no matter their position on them. I regularly read bloggers with very different opinions than my own and I don’t hate them for it, I just respectfully disagree.

About Ron Paul: Was “asshat” too strong a phrase? Possibly. It was used for effect. There are certainly things about Ron Paul that I don’t agree with: his fight to overturn Roe v Wade; opposition of gun regulation; and proposing a withdrawal from the UN, to name a few. There are also some things that I appreciate: states rights to approving abortion; voting against the Iraq war; and opposing the federal war on drugs (which has always seemed like the wrong way to approach the drug issue in America). He’s a human, not a supervillain. He has his reasons for believing what he does, as we all do.

And I was quite honest about that picture of him making me feel sad. He just looks so defeated and lonely. That’s why I wanted to give him a hug. I may not agree with him, but he has feelings just like I do. Maybe he wasn’t really sad when that picture was taken, but it sure makes it look that way.

So take it easy. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, and this blog happens to be my outlet for mine. Visit at your own risk, I guess, and remember that we’re all people and, ultimately, all in this together.

Be good to each other.