Oct 22 2008

I AM an American

Because I love my family.
Because I include in that family people who have chosen their own gender.
Because I am a mother.
Because I am a mother who works outside the home and still holds motherhood first.
Because I am an atheist.
Because I believe in religious freedom.
Because I would never want to take away your ability to disagree with me respectfully.
Because I believe in questioning authority, especially government.
Because I’ve already voted for Obama and against Prop 8.
Because I was born here.
Because I think we should take care of our citizens.
Because I think we should be good neighbors in our global community.
Because I believe in equality.
Because I embrace diversity.
Because I believe in the freedom of speech.
Because I would never have an abortion, but I want it to remain legal and safe.
Because I am patriotic in my own way.
Because I live here and contribute to the country’s success.
Because I love apple pie. And pecan. And pumpkin. And strawberry-rhubarb.

I am an American.

“They can only divide us if we let them.” ~Jen, one plus two