Nov 21 2008

“It’s Just Little”

Cole has been really successfully potty-trained for several weeks now. It happened fast- one Monday I took him to school in underpants (instead of diapers; he never did want to use pull-ups) and told his teacher “I think he’s ready, but you have the authority to put him back in diapers whenever you feel you need to.” She was amenable, and he stayed clean all day.

Two accidents later, and we have a (JUST) 3 year old boy who is clean and dry all of the time, not counting nights.

But now he’s getting cocky about it, and he thinks he’s big enough and pro enough to pee standing up. It’s cool when we go to public restrooms, including the men’s room I had to take him into the other day at the supermarket (OH.MY.GOODNESS- that was NASTY). At home, though, it makes me almost wish that he were still in diapers, because his aim leaves something to be desired.

He’s been trying it out at school, too, and is intensely proud of it. His teacher told me that he had an adorable conversation with his best little guy friend while said friend was washing his hands and Cole was standing up to pee. It went something like this:

Cole: Logan! Look! I’m so big that I stand up to pee!
Logan: Ohh! Good job!
Cole: See- you hold it, like this. It’s just little. And you put your pee in the potty like this.
Logan: Great job, Cole!

They are nothing if not supportive of each other in all that they do. It’s delightful. It’s possible that a life-long friendship may have been formed over being able to show each other how to pee in the potty and the admission that it’s “just little.” I don’t think that Cole should be too hard on himself, though. He still has time.

Here’s hoping that 8 months is long enough for Cole to be potty trained so that he doesn’t even think about reverting to going in his pants after the baby is born.

(Oh wow- I just said AFTER THE BABY IS BORN. It still seems so unreal, though it has now been confirmed by real lab tests.)(HEEEEE!!!!)

Yay for potty training!

Nov 19 2008


Anyone who knows me probably already knows that I hate- and I mean HATE- swimming in the ocean or thinking too much about swimming in the ocean or about most of the things that reside therein. HOWEVER, I also have quite the obsession with Octopi, Squids, Jellyfish, Cuttlefish, and Coral. I ALSO also love to crochet and knit AND adore the idea of Wunderkammers. What does this equal? Only probably one of the best inexpensive gifts possible for me. That is- I’m guessing that you don’t consider a Nikon or Canon DSLR to be “inexpensive.”

Nov 18 2008

Tired? I’ll Show You Tired.

Last night, Cole was “reading” to me from one of his comic books while we both sat on his bed. After I grew a little bored of hearing “There’s Superman! And Wonder Woman! And Flash! And Green Lantern! And Aquaman! And Batman!,” I laid my head down on his pillow to let him continue while I closed my eyes and thought of other things… like the guy who played Lex Luthor in Smallville in only a pair of boxer-briefs… I certainly didn’t think that Cole would pay me any mind, seeing as he was so entranced by the Superheroes.

But he did notice and, instead of asking me to sit up so that he could continue with my full attention, he put the comic down and laid his head on the side of my stomach. After a minute, he popped back up to request that we get a blanket. We snuggled down together under a blanket with our foreheads touching. We gave each other a kiss, and he cupped my cheek in his hand and stroked my eyebrows. I breathed him in- my beautiful son- and decided to treasure every second I have of him being my only. And then we both closed our eyes.

The next thing I knew, it was quite a bit later and John was shaking me awake to come to bed. I brushed my teeth and hardly opened my eyes through the whole process. I climbed into bed with my clothes on and fell back to sleep. John woke me up a little later when he turned off the light and set the alarm- something I usually do. He climbed back in bed, expressed surprise when he noticed I still had my clothes on, and laughed at me while I stripped. As soon as my clothes were off and my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep again.

I got through most of my morning routine without opening my eyes. Waking up was rough and, now that coffee is starting to make me feel ill, there was no real help to be found.

And today? All I want to do is curl up on my couch with a stupid movie and a cozy blanket and SLEEP. Getting work done? Uh… I’m really trying, honestly. This morning was fairly productive, but this afternoon has been pretty lazy. Um… I bought a new carseat for Cole because he’s getting so big. Does that count?

Self- welcome, yet again, to the First Trimester.

Nov 17 2008

Some Help, Please?

I’ve been feeling awfully tired, having some mild headaches, and feeling thirsty all of the time. Really thirsty- like “stranded in the desert for several days without fluids” thirsty. I’ve also been peeing a lot, surely in part because of the amount of water I’m drinking, my back and hips have been sore, and my boobs hurt like hell.

So, Doctor Internet, what so you think is going on with me?

Oh yeah- one more clue:

Nov 14 2008

Why I’m Tired Today

Last night I woke up to Cole climbing in my bed beside me. He never goes to John’s side, only to mine, even though I am farthest from the door and have a treacherous path covered in laundry piles. It was 2-something in the morning, and I must have been really passed out because I usually wake when I hear his sticky door crack open, but this time he was already on the bed with his mouth at my ear.

“Hi, baby. Whatcha doing?”
“Hi, momma. I sleep wif you.”
“No, sweetheart, you’re a big boy and you have to sleep in your big boy bed. Come with me- it’s still time for sleeping.”
“I know! I sleep HERE! (jamming finger into my pillow repeatedly) I sleep wif YOU!”
“Shh, baby, I’ll take you back to bed.”

I went to pick him up and he made like a plank- every muscle fighting to keep him in my bed, on my pillow- and wrapped his arm around under the pillow. In my sleepy, weakened state, it was difficult to pick him up. Only 35 pounds, and still I struggled. This is the strength of his determination and his will. I carried him cradled in my arms back to bed, whispering to him what a big boy he is and how much I love him the whole way.

I do love him- so much- but I still don’t love being kicked all night while he sleeps.

I snuggled him back in bed, gave him kisses, and returned to my own bed.

He is an amazing child, my son. I know this is just another little story, and not even a particularly funny or poignant one, but it’s just so HIM.

With the combination of determination, will, and sweetness that I see in him every day, he is going to be one incredible man.

Nov 11 2008

Thanksgiving Planning

This year, for the first time ever, I am taking on the task of Thanksgiving. I will be cooking for a group of up to 15 people (so far) from age 2 to 80-something. That includes my grandmother, who, thankfully, is not the kind of grandmother who would put Martha Stewart to shame, but instead the kind of gramma who thinks that a bag of frozen mixed veggies makes a good pizza topping.

(I’ll let that sink in for a sec.)
(That said, I could not love my Grammy more.)

ANYWAY… I am starting work on the monumental chore that is menu planning for a diverse and sentimental group (must have two kinds of rolls, must have two kinds of cranberry sauce, must have two kinds of stuffing and AT LEAST three kinds of pie, one of which has ingredients that are completely out of season).

So far, I have this. Yup. Rolls are covered.

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Nov 11 2008

My Sentiments EXACTLY


I still don’t understand how this passed.

Nov 05 2008

We Did It!

Yea, baby.

I believe we helped make a better world for my family, and there’s no better feeling.

Prop 8, however, continues to make me vacillate between nausea and anger.

My fellow Californians- WHY?! You’ve broken my heart over this one. I just hope the courts come through, because this shit is unconstitutional.

Nov 03 2008

That Was Halloween, Everybody Made a Scene.

Cole was, it will come as no surprise, Superman for Halloween.

Actually, he hasn’t stopped being Superman for a few weeks now. The cape is an almost permanent fixture.

We did our very limited trick-or-treating just around our little neighborhood. It was really nice. After the first house, I asked Cole if he’d like to do more. I was completely flabbergasted when he said “No. Let’s go home.”

(But… but… I’M not ready to go home!)

So I talked him into going to look at the tree wrapped in orange lights at the end of the cul-de-sac, and he agreed to stop at a few more houses along the way. Somewhere in there, he realized that neighbor’s houses+ringing the doorbell+yelling HAPPY HALLOWEEN+getting treats=BEST THING EVER. I knew it would click sooner or later.

We got to the end of the road to see that our neighbors had set up a “Beetle Juice Spook House” in their back yard. “Beetle Juice” himself ushered us in and called to the rest that there was a “little guy” coming so that they’d take it easy on him. Frankly, I was happy that they took it easy on ME. And that it was still light out. It was creepy! After we went through, Cole tightly clutching my hand the whole way, he looked up at me with wide eyes and said “Mama. That was COOL.”

After having only about 3 kids come to our door last year, I only bought 2 bags of M&M; packets to hand out, figuring that we’d have left overs. By 6:30 we were flat out. I had to run to the grocery store where I bought 5 bags of candy- ALL THEY HAD LEFT ON THEIR SHELVES. We made it through the night, thankfully with only about 10 pieces of candy left.

Now I just have to get through tomorrow’s election results madness and it’ll be smooth sailing until Thanksgiving… when I’m cooking for 10 people. Including my grandmother. Not including my mom. More on that weirdness later.

So, how was your Halloween?