Nov 21 2008

“It’s Just Little”

Cole has been really successfully potty-trained for several weeks now. It happened fast- one Monday I took him to school in underpants (instead of diapers; he never did want to use pull-ups) and told his teacher “I think he’s ready, but you have the authority to put him back in diapers whenever you feel you need to.” She was amenable, and he stayed clean all day.

Two accidents later, and we have a (JUST) 3 year old boy who is clean and dry all of the time, not counting nights.

But now he’s getting cocky about it, and he thinks he’s big enough and pro enough to pee standing up. It’s cool when we go to public restrooms, including the men’s room I had to take him into the other day at the supermarket (OH.MY.GOODNESS- that was NASTY). At home, though, it makes me almost wish that he were still in diapers, because his aim leaves something to be desired.

He’s been trying it out at school, too, and is intensely proud of it. His teacher told me that he had an adorable conversation with his best little guy friend while said friend was washing his hands and Cole was standing up to pee. It went something like this:

Cole: Logan! Look! I’m so big that I stand up to pee!
Logan: Ohh! Good job!
Cole: See- you hold it, like this. It’s just little. And you put your pee in the potty like this.
Logan: Great job, Cole!

They are nothing if not supportive of each other in all that they do. It’s delightful. It’s possible that a life-long friendship may have been formed over being able to show each other how to pee in the potty and the admission that it’s “just little.” I don’t think that Cole should be too hard on himself, though. He still has time.

Here’s hoping that 8 months is long enough for Cole to be potty trained so that he doesn’t even think about reverting to going in his pants after the baby is born.

(Oh wow- I just said AFTER THE BABY IS BORN. It still seems so unreal, though it has now been confirmed by real lab tests.)(HEEEEE!!!!)

Yay for potty training!