Dec 31 2008

Cole Says “It’s All CRAP, Mom.”*

I have been feeling like crap on soggy, white toast the last couple of days. I took the day off yesterday, and I’m not sure I’ll make it through today. It’s not looking good. In fact, I’ve spent the majority of the morning in the bathroom. I think I should spare my coworkers and just not come back after lunch. There’s hardly anyone here, anyway.

Cole has been hilarious lately, but I’m so exhausted that I can’t remember any details. I constantly do that thing where you think of something you need, walk into the next room to get it, and promptly forget completely what it was when you get there. That’s my entire life right now. I had Cole all tucked in for bed last night before he reminded me that I hadn’t put a diaper or jammies on him. He was still in his shirt from the day on the top half and completely nude on the bottom. Thank goodness he reminded me, or that would have made for just a lovely night.

Happy New Year. I’ll be home with a bottle of bubbly tonight. And by bubbly I mean seltzer water. Have some of the hard stuff for me, will you? Cheers.

* No joke. He said that to me while waiting for me to unlock our front door the other evening. With an all-knowing shake of his head, no less. He also, the next morning, said something to me (I don’t remember what exactly) that ended in “DUH!” Punk.

Dec 29 2008

It Was Really, Truly Good.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday/break from work. I know I did, though it was too short and I now believe I have a cold. I wanted to go home early today, but someone had a conniption and I had to lend a hand. Perhaps a full sick day is in order for tomorrow.

But back on the subject of Christmas… Not to be materialistic and all but I GOT A CAMERA!!! I’ve been lusting after a camera like this for a long time, and my grandmother completely surprised me by giving me the exact one I wanted. I thought that maybe I’d get a nice donation to the “Dani Will Get a Decent Camera One Day” fund, but to get the whole camera? Mind-blowingly awesome.

I have already run through the original batteries and filled up a 2 gig photo card. Most used present EVER.

A Christmas Mommy:
A Christmas Daddy (with the cutest dimple ever):
A Christmas Cole:
And a Really Happy Biker Dude:

(And a Happy Momma for being able to have a shutter speed fast enough to catch the damn shot!)

Dec 24 2008

Mostly Good, With A 40% Chance of Bad

This Christmas should be an interesting one all around.

  • My grandmother isn’t coming up after all (BOOOOO), because of the threat of inclement weather, so at least we’ll avoid the awkwardness of having her and my mother in the same house for four days.
  • However, my mother WILL be here, as will my father, and we will be more or less trapped in the house together for at least two days.
  • I am rapidly running out of patience, and my greatest Christmas wish is to make it through without exploding.
  • I don’t feel especially well- my nose is kind of runny, my head is sore, and my eyes are stinging non-stop.
  • The morning sickness which had sort of drifted away this past week has now returned, and I am not at all pleased to see it.

The good stuff, though-

  • I’m dreaming of twice-baked potatoes, and I think I can easily make that a reality.
  • There is a possibility that I will have a beautiful new camera before the year is up. I can’t get my hopes up too much, but it could very well happen.
  • My lovely friend gave me a Pregnant Bellydance dvd for Christmas, and I am SO excited to try it out.
  • My sister is here.
  • Cole is very interested in Santa Claus this year, and I can’t wait to see his little face on Christmas morning.
  • The return of morning sickness probably means that everything is still going well in baby-land.
  • I am not vomiting.
  • I get to leave early from work today, and don’t have to come back until Monday.
  • Cole went a whole day at daycare with no “accidents.”**
  • I am practically wearing pajamas at work today and nobody gives a damn. Now if only I didn’t have to wear this damn bra…
  • There is also a slight chance that we will have a white Christmas, which is totally alright with me considering that the snow will last for a few hours, be pretty, and then go the hell away again. That’s the best kind of snow.

So Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all, and may the good outweigh the bad.

**Cole had been doing beautifully with potty training, then suddenly started having accidents again. We got him back to the point where he was having one pee a day, at a certain point in the morning, in a diaper, then it was in the potty the rest of the day. The odd thing is that he only does this at school. When he’s with me, he NEVER has accidents. I’m still not sure what it means, but not having an accident at all yesterday can’t be a bad thing. We’re hoping for a repeat today.

Dec 19 2008


So, first things first- WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT! I really need to be reminded more frequently that I tend to freak out over nothing when it comes to things that mean so much to me. Though I really do know that already so I probably don’t actually need to be reminded, and might even smack you (particularly if you’re my husband) if you try. So just forget it, actually.

But the important thing to focus on here is HEARTBEAT! WIGGLING! PERFECTLY-SIZED BABY! HEARTBEAT!

Flickering pixels have never meant so much.

Modern Science: Horribly Vexing and Tremendously Soothing.

Dec 18 2008

Excuse Me, Please.

I’m just tired. Very very tired. And very distracted by work. And parent-drama. And toilet training. As Cole said to my mother last weekend “it’s complicated.”

We went to the midwife for the first time on Tuesday. She was great, I thought, but for some reason was unable to hear the tiny’s heartbeat. Perhaps I’m not as far along as I thought, she said. Perhaps my uterus is tilted, she said. Perhaps it’s just WAY down in there, she said. Perhaps it’s dead, my head said.

So I’ve broken my vow of never personally associating with a “pro-life” organization and have made an appointment to get an ultrasound at the “We’ll let you see your baby if that will guilt you out of aborting it” clinic tomorrow. You know why? Two words: FREE ULTRASOUND. Yes, I’m using them. But, in all honesty, it’s not like I went in there and lied. I told them the truth. They know I’m not interested in aborting and they’re doing it anyway.

Tomorrow at noon. It’s not a long wait, but it’s a hard one. I have trouble thinking of much else.

John asked today if he had to go with me. I believe I positively gaped. The fact that he felt that not missing work was more important than the first opportunity to see our child simply astounded me. He’s going, mostly because I convinced him that it did not mean missing any damn work, but I’m still a little pissy about his asking. I guess I just don’t understand. He’s such a guy sometimes.

Or a “Dude” as Amazon so charmingly characterizes them.

I have done all of my shopping on Amazon this year. I think I bought two things actually in a store. It’s lovely to sit back and have them bring everything to me. Amazon sometimes appears to be on crack, though, with it’s funky price-changes and shipping times changing from immediate to 6 moths in the blink of an eye. But whatever. Amazon equals NO CROWDS, and I love me some NO CROWDS.

I can’t believe that christmas is so soon, and I feel sure that I have forgotten to get a present for someone, but I can’t think who. It’s eating up a significant portion of my brain, which is severely limited at this point to begin with. I guess it will either come to me soon or I will feel like crap on christmas. Either way, it’ll be over in 7 days.

My sister is coming in on Sunday and I CAN NOT WAIT. Let the wedding planning begin!!

Dec 11 2008


MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED! I just couldn’t be happier for all of them (sister, fiance, and nephew).

Congratulations! We love you so much.

Dec 05 2008

It’s December? Damn.

Well, I had to be gone for three days, and in that time Cole managed to become mostly un-potty-trained, which has to be one of the most frustrating things ever. His teacher is now having to put him back in diapers for most of the day because she never knows where or when he will pee. I asked her to give him another chance in underpants today, thinking that maybe he’ll be better because I’m back, but I’m dreading what I’m going to hear when I go to pick him up tonight. Here’s hoping he was just acting out a bit because I was gone.

Thanksgiving went well. My grandmother and my sister were amazingly helpful. I made a 22 pound turkey that was only a little dry because my father insisted that he knew better and was taking the temperature in the wrong place. The gravy, though, was some of the best I’ve ever had and so easily made up for the meat’s dryness.

I did make two kinds of stuffing, and the new cranberry relish that I tried was incredible. It was so good that my father forgot all about his canned cranberry jelly, which is usually something he HAS to have. I made a pumpkin-butterscotch pie (which was good except that I fugged up the crust somehow) and my sister made an apple pie with streusel topping, which was awesome but I only got one bite before it was all gone (BOOOO).

So yeah- the dinner was great, the company was better, and it was a wholly satisfying Thanksgiving holiday, despite the three days of cooking and the fact that I can’t even think about turkey without wanting to vomit now.

Most of this week I was attending an unbelievable mind-numbing conference as the booth-attendant. The ONLY good thing about the whole trip was that I got my own hotel room (at a fairly nice hotel) and got to watch all the HGTV I wanted on my off-hours. Not having tv at home, it was kind of a treat. I missed my boys like crazy though, and I would have given up ALL of the HGTV alone time if I had been able to be at home with them.

I have my first yoga class to teach this saturday, a big-city shopping trip on sunday, a very full week of work next week, our company end-of-year party that next saturday, a memorial for a guy I knew for his whole life that following sunday, and my first appoitment with my new midwife the following tuesday. I still don’t have christmas presents started, let alone ready. We weren’t even going to bother with a tree this year, except that we got a call last night from friends who cut down an extra and need a home for it. I can’t believe how quickly this month is going already. It’ll be 2009 before I know it, and its only 7 months until we welcome our new family member into our lives. Hard to believe.

Just to keep track for myself, I am now a full 7 weeks along, “morning” sickness is going strong, but no puking. Doritos are heaven in a bag.

Back to work.