Dec 05 2008

It’s December? Damn.

Well, I had to be gone for three days, and in that time Cole managed to become mostly un-potty-trained, which has to be one of the most frustrating things ever. His teacher is now having to put him back in diapers for most of the day because she never knows where or when he will pee. I asked her to give him another chance in underpants today, thinking that maybe he’ll be better because I’m back, but I’m dreading what I’m going to hear when I go to pick him up tonight. Here’s hoping he was just acting out a bit because I was gone.

Thanksgiving went well. My grandmother and my sister were amazingly helpful. I made a 22 pound turkey that was only a little dry because my father insisted that he knew better and was taking the temperature in the wrong place. The gravy, though, was some of the best I’ve ever had and so easily made up for the meat’s dryness.

I did make two kinds of stuffing, and the new cranberry relish that I tried was incredible. It was so good that my father forgot all about his canned cranberry jelly, which is usually something he HAS to have. I made a pumpkin-butterscotch pie (which was good except that I fugged up the crust somehow) and my sister made an apple pie with streusel topping, which was awesome but I only got one bite before it was all gone (BOOOO).

So yeah- the dinner was great, the company was better, and it was a wholly satisfying Thanksgiving holiday, despite the three days of cooking and the fact that I can’t even think about turkey without wanting to vomit now.

Most of this week I was attending an unbelievable mind-numbing conference as the booth-attendant. The ONLY good thing about the whole trip was that I got my own hotel room (at a fairly nice hotel) and got to watch all the HGTV I wanted on my off-hours. Not having tv at home, it was kind of a treat. I missed my boys like crazy though, and I would have given up ALL of the HGTV alone time if I had been able to be at home with them.

I have my first yoga class to teach this saturday, a big-city shopping trip on sunday, a very full week of work next week, our company end-of-year party that next saturday, a memorial for a guy I knew for his whole life that following sunday, and my first appoitment with my new midwife the following tuesday. I still don’t have christmas presents started, let alone ready. We weren’t even going to bother with a tree this year, except that we got a call last night from friends who cut down an extra and need a home for it. I can’t believe how quickly this month is going already. It’ll be 2009 before I know it, and its only 7 months until we welcome our new family member into our lives. Hard to believe.

Just to keep track for myself, I am now a full 7 weeks along, “morning” sickness is going strong, but no puking. Doritos are heaven in a bag.

Back to work.