Dec 18 2008

Excuse Me, Please.

I’m just tired. Very very tired. And very distracted by work. And parent-drama. And toilet training. As Cole said to my mother last weekend “it’s complicated.”

We went to the midwife for the first time on Tuesday. She was great, I thought, but for some reason was unable to hear the tiny’s heartbeat. Perhaps I’m not as far along as I thought, she said. Perhaps my uterus is tilted, she said. Perhaps it’s just WAY down in there, she said. Perhaps it’s dead, my head said.

So I’ve broken my vow of never personally associating with a “pro-life” organization and have made an appointment to get an ultrasound at the “We’ll let you see your baby if that will guilt you out of aborting it” clinic tomorrow. You know why? Two words: FREE ULTRASOUND. Yes, I’m using them. But, in all honesty, it’s not like I went in there and lied. I told them the truth. They know I’m not interested in aborting and they’re doing it anyway.

Tomorrow at noon. It’s not a long wait, but it’s a hard one. I have trouble thinking of much else.

John asked today if he had to go with me. I believe I positively gaped. The fact that he felt that not missing work was more important than the first opportunity to see our child simply astounded me. He’s going, mostly because I convinced him that it did not mean missing any damn work, but I’m still a little pissy about his asking. I guess I just don’t understand. He’s such a guy sometimes.

Or a “Dude” as Amazon so charmingly characterizes them.

I have done all of my shopping on Amazon this year. I think I bought two things actually in a store. It’s lovely to sit back and have them bring everything to me. Amazon sometimes appears to be on crack, though, with it’s funky price-changes and shipping times changing from immediate to 6 moths in the blink of an eye. But whatever. Amazon equals NO CROWDS, and I love me some NO CROWDS.

I can’t believe that christmas is so soon, and I feel sure that I have forgotten to get a present for someone, but I can’t think who. It’s eating up a significant portion of my brain, which is severely limited at this point to begin with. I guess it will either come to me soon or I will feel like crap on christmas. Either way, it’ll be over in 7 days.

My sister is coming in on Sunday and I CAN NOT WAIT. Let the wedding planning begin!!