Dec 24 2008

Mostly Good, With A 40% Chance of Bad

This Christmas should be an interesting one all around.

  • My grandmother isn’t coming up after all (BOOOOO), because of the threat of inclement weather, so at least we’ll avoid the awkwardness of having her and my mother in the same house for four days.
  • However, my mother WILL be here, as will my father, and we will be more or less trapped in the house together for at least two days.
  • I am rapidly running out of patience, and my greatest Christmas wish is to make it through without exploding.
  • I don’t feel especially well- my nose is kind of runny, my head is sore, and my eyes are stinging non-stop.
  • The morning sickness which had sort of drifted away this past week has now returned, and I am not at all pleased to see it.

The good stuff, though-

  • I’m dreaming of twice-baked potatoes, and I think I can easily make that a reality.
  • There is a possibility that I will have a beautiful new camera before the year is up. I can’t get my hopes up too much, but it could very well happen.
  • My lovely friend gave me a Pregnant Bellydance dvd for Christmas, and I am SO excited to try it out.
  • My sister is here.
  • Cole is very interested in Santa Claus this year, and I can’t wait to see his little face on Christmas morning.
  • The return of morning sickness probably means that everything is still going well in baby-land.
  • I am not vomiting.
  • I get to leave early from work today, and don’t have to come back until Monday.
  • Cole went a whole day at daycare with no “accidents.”**
  • I am practically wearing pajamas at work today and nobody gives a damn. Now if only I didn’t have to wear this damn bra…
  • There is also a slight chance that we will have a white Christmas, which is totally alright with me considering that the snow will last for a few hours, be pretty, and then go the hell away again. That’s the best kind of snow.

So Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all, and may the good outweigh the bad.

**Cole had been doing beautifully with potty training, then suddenly started having accidents again. We got him back to the point where he was having one pee a day, at a certain point in the morning, in a diaper, then it was in the potty the rest of the day. The odd thing is that he only does this at school. When he’s with me, he NEVER has accidents. I’m still not sure what it means, but not having an accident at all yesterday can’t be a bad thing. We’re hoping for a repeat today.