Dec 29 2008

It Was Really, Truly Good.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday/break from work. I know I did, though it was too short and I now believe I have a cold. I wanted to go home early today, but someone had a conniption and I had to lend a hand. Perhaps a full sick day is in order for tomorrow.

But back on the subject of Christmas… Not to be materialistic and all but I GOT A CAMERA!!! I’ve been lusting after a camera like this for a long time, and my grandmother completely surprised me by giving me the exact one I wanted. I thought that maybe I’d get a nice donation to the “Dani Will Get a Decent Camera One Day” fund, but to get the whole camera? Mind-blowingly awesome.

I have already run through the original batteries and filled up a 2 gig photo card. Most used present EVER.

A Christmas Mommy:
A Christmas Daddy (with the cutest dimple ever):
A Christmas Cole:
And a Really Happy Biker Dude:

(And a Happy Momma for being able to have a shutter speed fast enough to catch the damn shot!)