Dec 31 2008

Cole Says “It’s All CRAP, Mom.”*

I have been feeling like crap on soggy, white toast the last couple of days. I took the day off yesterday, and I’m not sure I’ll make it through today. It’s not looking good. In fact, I’ve spent the majority of the morning in the bathroom. I think I should spare my coworkers and just not come back after lunch. There’s hardly anyone here, anyway.

Cole has been hilarious lately, but I’m so exhausted that I can’t remember any details. I constantly do that thing where you think of something you need, walk into the next room to get it, and promptly forget completely what it was when you get there. That’s my entire life right now. I had Cole all tucked in for bed last night before he reminded me that I hadn’t put a diaper or jammies on him. He was still in his shirt from the day on the top half and completely nude on the bottom. Thank goodness he reminded me, or that would have made for just a lovely night.

Happy New Year. I’ll be home with a bottle of bubbly tonight. And by bubbly I mean seltzer water. Have some of the hard stuff for me, will you? Cheers.

* No joke. He said that to me while waiting for me to unlock our front door the other evening. With an all-knowing shake of his head, no less. He also, the next morning, said something to me (I don’t remember what exactly) that ended in “DUH!” Punk.