Jan 02 2009

Was I The Only One Without A Hangover?!

How was your New Year’s? Mine was spent sleeping, thank you. We also had pizza which I did not have to cook and apple cider which I managed to cool in the freezer without blowing up the bottle- a real achievement, indeed. So, I’d say mine was great and just what it should be for me at this time in my life. What more could I ask for, right?

Well! Apparently I set my sights a bit too low, which is quite a bit more welcome than the alternative, I think. I had never heard of a tradition of New Year gift giving, and, in my memory, which is reliably shoddy, my family had never practiced it. This year, however, my father surprised me with something that nearly equals in awesomeness my Christmas gift, which was perhaps one of the best gifts of my life already.

Because we are (so happily) expecting another baby this year, and because we’ve recommitted ourselves to home upkeep (a gift in and of itself, let me tell you), my father has given us the gift of one of his weekly home-cleanings each month. The woman who cleans his house once a week will now come to our house once a month and DO WHATEVER I TELL HER TO.

Excuse me. I may be giddy and drunk with the power. Just a little.

I have NEVER, EVER had a professional housekeeper, not even for an hour. This is a treat the likes of which I never hoped I’d see. It will be SO welcome, particularly now seeing as how the smell of cleaning chemicals makes me sicker than ever and I have not yet been successful in my attempts to coerce the bathrooms into cleaning themselves.

There’s a part of me that is starting to feel hesitant about accepting this gift, mostly because I’m afraid that I will be embarrassed about the state of my house at some point, but I’m trying to tell that part of me to shut the hell up and just enjoy it. My house can’t be that bad, right? She’s sure to have seen worse, right? It’s her job, and she’s a professional, right? Hell, this is what I feel like when I go to the gynecologist, too.

And maybe the added bonus will be that I will be even more vigilant about keeping the house in order because I’ll have someone professionally evaluating its cleanliness every month. Good incentive, that.

But I’d say that it’s an awfully nice way to start the new year. I already knew that 2009 was going to be better just for the fact that it’s not a damn election year.

May all of our days in 2009 be filled with satisfaction, order, and happy surprises! And all that other good stuff, too.