Jan 05 2009

Three Year Old Logic

Cole has been obsessed with shows about people traveling around in other people’s bodies lately, like in The Magic Schoolbus and Futurama. When we’re driving, he’ll announce that we’re in some portion of “the Giant’s” body, such as his arm, stomach, or nose (and the only proper response for when we’re in his nose is “Ewww! Boogers!”).

This morning, he came up to me with a pained look on his face and said something about an “evil pop in his leg.” When I pressed him for further information, I started to realize that probably his hip popped when he sat down, and it didn’t feel very good (there was some confusion because his grandfather is also known as “Pop.” and I wasn’t sure if he was telling me that Pop was in his leg or that his leg had popped).

Then he raised his pointer finger, said “Wait a minute!” and then said “If there was an evil pop in my body, it MUST mean that there is a man in my leg who made it pop!” just like a tiny little logician. A logician who believes that people can shrink and enter your body for a look around, but still… The way he was practicing the logical thinking, no matter how wrong the conclusion, was totally fantastic. We’re clearly going to have to be on our toes with this boy.